Friday, January 30, 2009

Transforming A Plain Old Jar...

Check out these cool labels for purchase from Natalie.

I recently found her labels on another Blogger's site and thought they looked pretty neat to dress up an old jar with the Prim Look.

Natalie had contacted me after I had shown an interest in her labels. She has offered to send me some of her labels for "Free" if I mentioned her on my blog. I posted a picture of her labels on my sidebar along with her site information, but I felt the labels are just too darn creative to not mention in my Blog.

I can't wait to see what Natalie sends me, she has several different sets and said the choice was mine, but I suggested she "Surprise" me!
After all.....

I'm A Lady who LOVES Surprises!!

Can't wait to see what she sends...



  1. Evening K!
    Well lady...I'm in your neck of the woods right now.
    Actually we're in Valley Forge - been a full day of cash & carry and order writing. Got lots of new goodies coming (AMERICAN MADE) for the new Christmas season. Wow, I'm anxious.

    I love the labels - I was just on her e-bay checking them out. I just might have to get some.


  2. You are going to love these labels. You can do so much with them.


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