Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pamper Me Pretty....

Today was All About ME!!!

After feeling like I was hit by a truck slamming into a brick wall for the past two days,
I dragged myself out of the house to my Manicure Appointment.
It was hard, but I was able to do it..!!

For those who know me personally,
My Manicures and Pedicures are a regular necessity in my Life!

I have over the years given up my regular appointments when "I" felt it was not justifiable spending the extra. Only to have my Husband and sometimes my Son, question why I am not going for my "scheduled" appointments....

So, I have come to the age and time in my life where I feel this is the one Vice I will not give up.
As long as God allows me to continue this Bi-Monthly Pampering for myself,
I am most certainly taking advantage of it...!!

And Ladies..I Highly Recommend It!!

The Picture above is my Nail Technician, Amanda.
Amanda has been my Technician for over a year, and I must say Amanda is one of the best Nail Techs I have ever had, with my experience having manicures for over 20 years I can say that. Although I have been fairly consistent as a client with Salons. A short time back I was becoming a bit dis-satisfied with the Salon I had been a regular customer with for over 10 years. It was a very hard decision to leave a Salon where many Friendships had been made along with lots of laughs and tears over the years...
However, my frustration level was at its peak and I was not leaving my manicure appointments feeling "good" about my service or the "lack" of professionalism I feel is necessary for any business....
So on one of my days of feeling I had had enough with my past Salon, I walked into the Salon where Amanda worked, spoke with her about the products and procedure they offered. In our casual conversation I quickly came to like and enjoyed talking with Amanda I scheduled an appointment and knew I had made the right choice. Amanda's professionalism, knowledge and technique is way above any expectations or reserves I had that first day I meet her.

Thank You Amanda for
Pampering Me Pretty!

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