Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Yuck Just Keeps Coming...

It seems just as you get over one virus or infection, another comes around and hits ya smack down in the face!

We were hit hard with the respiratory infections before and after the Holidays.
Now it's time for the stomach virus....

I have had several friends become ill with this stomach virus, two actually were hospitalized with cardiac like symptoms. Thankfully both were diagnosed with a virus.

My son works in the public environment, so today was his "day" to put in his day only to come home and sleep the remainder of it away.

I hope the crud and yuck stays far away from you and yours...

I am Cloroxing the entire house and waiting for the snow to start!!


  1. Hi there!

    I just found you on Jen's blog...glad I did! Please feel free to drop by anytime! I love to meet new people! Send some of that white stuff down my direction...will you? :)

  2. How did the cloroxing go today? I need to do some of that around here. Did the snow start? It has been hazy and trying to snow here all day.

    It was fun stopping by your blog. I will be back!



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