Thursday, December 31, 2009

Have a happy and blessed new year!!

I am very excited for what this new year will bring me and also to
ALL of you, who I am honored to call my "Friend" old and new...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Pretty's

Yesterday was the first BIG major snow fall of the Season....

I had to take advantage of homes decorated for
the Holiday with the falling snow

Fortunately, I did not have to venture very far for
some beautiful pictures

The development directly behind me (as in our yards meet) is 5 years into new development
We purchased a large lot to the frontage of the development 20 years ago,
the land behind us was undeveloped for a good 15 years

It is nice living in such a beautiful area on top of a "large" hill

The homes in this area have at least an acre of land

Our home is sitting on just under 2 acres

So as you can see from the pictures
it was a picturesque kinda night
on the Hill...

Both pictures were taken at the same time,
the first one without the flash..
second one with the flash

You can see how hard it was snowing...

Absolutely Beautiful

I wish my home would be among those decorated
unfortunately I no longer go "all" out with

We did when our son was growing up
since our lives have become busier in different
ways, each of us going in different directions
and traveling most christmas holidays
to a warmer area
its become too much to deal with after

We always purchased a live christmas tree with the ball intact

after christmas my husband and son would plant the tree

we have several throughout our property from past christmas's
in fact, we just had our very first christmas tree from our first christmas
in our home after we built, removed this past fall...
we had planted the tree in the front corner of the house
near our son's bedroom
the tree became way too large and had to be removed...

I have now down graded to a small 4 foot table top tree
the one with the lights already strung...
Very easy and simple

It actually took me longer to make a new bow this year for the top
than it did to decorate the entire tree

We have many christmas memories of the lights and decorations
added to the outside of our home, a time when not many homes existed
around us...

Friends and Family would pass by and comment
how beautiful our home was decorated....

Yes....we always have the memories

Happy Holidays and Blessed New Year

Thursday, December 17, 2009

MiniPies In A Jar

I have been wanting to make these pies using
a mason jar for quite sometime...
Just did not have the time:/

I gradually collected my supplies
and ingredients needed...

I am the "Freezer Queen"
I am always thinking a head what can be made with
leftover ingredients I use when preparing a
meal or new dish...

I had dough frozen, each ball was large
enough for one 8-9" pie.

I had fresh blueberries frozen in small individual plastic
bags, ready to be added to whatever my fancy would be
at the time needing blueberries..

I always have apples on hand and cherry pie filling...
You just never know..!!?

I picked up three packages of four Mini Mason Jar sets
over the past several months...

So, when the time and mood allowed,
I was ready..!!

I was able to get four jars filled with each ball of rolled dough,
not bad considering...then I generously placed the dough
inside the jars.

Added the fruit, topped off with a butter crumb top
and then placed the decorated lids on...

It was that simple..

The lids are decorated with labels I downloaded
a while back from

I cut out some round circles from holiday material
I had on hand, glued the material to the flat lid
and then glued the label with instructions on top
of the material. The label can be removed with
the material still intact, which will allow
the jar to be used as a decorative piece to display
or store something else in...

The jars were then placed in a box with low sides
and placed in my deep freezer for deep freezing...
I will add one or two to gift packages
I always give out for the holidays..
Having them frozen will allow travel time to and from..
They can be taken directly from the freezer
to the oven and baked at 375 for 45 minutes/until golden
brown and inside center is bubbling...

Happy Holidays...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hometown Christmas....

Here are some pictures
of a few shops on Main in my hometown of
decorated for the season.......

The snow was quietly falling when these were taken...
so peaceful and beautiful...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Over The River and Through The Woods....

This past weekend I ventured out in the first measurable
snow fall we have seen thus far
this winter here in PA...

Where did my travels take me..??!!

To Patti and Tim's
Brickhouse for some Porch Sitting Time...

Although the temperatures were way too cold to
sit a while on their porch,
we certainly had no problem talking the time
away in their most quaint and charming shop
filled with handcrafted items for sell...

I was most impressed with Patti and Tim's
rule to display and sell ONLY handcrafted items made
exclusively in the USA...
Seems many retail craft stores have gotten away
from this rule.

The time Patti and Tim give to researching the
quality of crafts from each
vendor who they sell for is seen through out
the wall and floor displays
is much appreciated...

Patti N Tim...

My treasures I purchased....

Snowman, stockings for a fireplace display( I had to have
me some of those..!!), a plaque and
the Grubby Rice Lights with a touch of Ginger scent...

The Plaque was a gift to me from Patti..
"thank you, patti"..!

The beautiful drive north through the mountains
as the snow was falling
Along with
The warmth and coziness found in this little

Made for a very nice and relaxing day....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Come....And Take A Look Inside

One of my favorite places to visit is the

Brickhouse at

Patti and her husband have this
adorable Brick Shop filled
with the most awesome prim crafts...

The pics below are just a few of
the items they have on display for sale.

The shop is only an hour from my home
so I am planning a trip next weekend
with my good friend, Laurie...

I can not wait to meet Patti and browse around her shop...

I will have to set a limit with spending,
AS I am sure I will want one..or two
of each...

I just love this idea inside the fireplace...

I have been searching for unique prim lights
to add to my mantel and on top of my
kitchen cabinets...
I think I have found the ONES...!

Angie at

creates these awesome lights..

I am wanting the Rice lights.

The shop will be open daily until Christmas,
So you have plenty of time to stop by and take
a browse around...

I'm sure you won't be disappointed..

Have A Great Weekend..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Joys N Blessings

This time of year brings much joy and happiness,
it also brings thoughts and reflections
of those who have touched our lives and will forever
be in our hearts....

As I review my recipes deciding which ones I will bake this year
and those I want to visit and send cards to..
My thoughts drift with a teary smile, thinking of my
Aunt June Rose...

We lost my Aunt at this time last year,
For those who follow my blog you may recall the several posts
mentioning her and how very much she was a great influence on
me and the direction of my life....

*And She left me with so many Memories*

her long well manicured hands~her laughter with squinting eyes~the tilt of her head when she was perplexed~looking at me during conversation~washing dishes in her kitchen~baking christmas cookies~saturday mornings~her asking me "what can I get you?"~excitement in her eyes as she spoke~playing piano~walks~her honesty~the way she said "well, ta te ta"~chicken pot pie~her thin wedding band~her "Hello" when she answered the phone~the way she said, "kathhyy" with her soft voice~her reciting the "night before christmas"~sunday dinners~her hot office in the summer time~the smell of shoe leather~laughing together~her birthday~our lunches~waffles n ice cream~picnics~her tiny feet~sitting on her porch~her love for god n family~her story telling~
playing cards~crossword puzzle~black coffee~dove soap~
her understanding

I am a better person for having her bless my life
and I sure do miss her..!

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