Thursday, December 17, 2009

MiniPies In A Jar

I have been wanting to make these pies using
a mason jar for quite sometime...
Just did not have the time:/

I gradually collected my supplies
and ingredients needed...

I am the "Freezer Queen"
I am always thinking a head what can be made with
leftover ingredients I use when preparing a
meal or new dish...

I had dough frozen, each ball was large
enough for one 8-9" pie.

I had fresh blueberries frozen in small individual plastic
bags, ready to be added to whatever my fancy would be
at the time needing blueberries..

I always have apples on hand and cherry pie filling...
You just never know..!!?

I picked up three packages of four Mini Mason Jar sets
over the past several months...

So, when the time and mood allowed,
I was ready..!!

I was able to get four jars filled with each ball of rolled dough,
not bad considering...then I generously placed the dough
inside the jars.

Added the fruit, topped off with a butter crumb top
and then placed the decorated lids on...

It was that simple..

The lids are decorated with labels I downloaded
a while back from

I cut out some round circles from holiday material
I had on hand, glued the material to the flat lid
and then glued the label with instructions on top
of the material. The label can be removed with
the material still intact, which will allow
the jar to be used as a decorative piece to display
or store something else in...

The jars were then placed in a box with low sides
and placed in my deep freezer for deep freezing...
I will add one or two to gift packages
I always give out for the holidays..
Having them frozen will allow travel time to and from..
They can be taken directly from the freezer
to the oven and baked at 375 for 45 minutes/until golden
brown and inside center is bubbling...

Happy Holidays...


  1. Those are sooo cool! What a great neighbor gift! Will you link this up to my Handmade Gift Idea party? I would love everyone to see it.

    I hope you are doing well! I finally sent my cards out yesterday :)


  2. Thanks for linking this us Kathleen. I just love these. They are so cute!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!


  3. Thanks for sharing, gonna have to find some jars!


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