Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Spring In My Steps....

It's been a very busy Spring...

One of the High-Lights was attending a Gender Reveal Party for my 
Nephew, Corey and his Significant Other, Stephanie.
We found out we're having another little princess :)

We first met Steph and her sweet little girl, Lili on New Years Eve.  I 
immediately felt a strong liking to them both and absolutely adore Lili! 
Lili and my niece's daughter, Aubree have become best buddies..
What one doesn't think of, the other one does.  It's so much fun to watch them interact with each other and not have a worry between them.

I had a gift for both Aubree and Lili, to which I gave to them at the party.
Both girls love Minni Mouse, so with that in mind I gave them each a handmade purse in the shape and design of Minni.  I also made a 'Sock' wallet to match the purse.  It was a winner with both girls..!!

I love family time, especially with the little ones who have blessed our family..
I only wish my parents were still with us so we could all enjoy these precious little ones together.  

I have a few pictures to share of the party and the Minni Mouse Purses with Wallet.  

I placed velcro inside the opening of the purse and socks

Here are the two Little Princesses...
Miss Lili and Miss Aubree

Here I am with Miss Bailee...my youngest great-niece

Lili getting a fancy head band placed on by grandma

I had never attended a Gender Reveal Party, so this was all new to me.
At the half way point of pregnancy, an ultrasound is usually done which will likely show a clear picture of the baby's gender.  For those who are planning a Gender Reveal Party, the ultrasound tech gives the findings to the doctor for review.  The doctor then places the baby's gender in a sealed envelope and gives the envelope to the parents.  The envelope is then given to the person who is chosen to make the Gender Reveal Cake.  They are sworn to secrecy to not reveal the gender.  For this party, my nephew's very good friend made the cake.
We were to wear pearls and pink if we thought it was a girl, for a boy you were to wear camouflage and blue..I, of course wore my Pink!

My nephew had his heart set on a boy...
However, seeing him with Lili there is no doubt in my mind when this little princess arrives, she will have him wrapped just as Lili has..:)
 What can I say, the Girls rule in this family!

The cake

Steph explaining how this works

 Doesn't Steph look so cute...!!

My nephew cut the first piece and couldn't figure out if it was 'Pink' or not...

The bottom layer was cut and revealed it is a Girl!

Lili wanted to taste the two pieces cut for the reveal, but mother didn't think it was a good idea to eat those two slices since they were not placed on a plate.

But Lili had a mind of her own, when Mom turned her back...Lili went in for the taste!

I was carrying that piece of cake around and Aubree spied it while sitting on grandpa's lap..
 That's all I have for now...
It was a really fun night enjoyed by all.  Everyone loves a party! right..!?

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Doesn't the Word "SpRinG" sound wonderful..!!?

I started my planting for this year by adding a few Pansies to an area which Dwarf Daffodils bloom. 

The area will be cleaned up later in the Spring with Fresh Mulch.  We're also planning to remove the Pine Tree to the right.  You can see a few branches...
This Pine Tree was a Christmas Tree from many years ago.  It has grown so tall and starting to lean in towards the house.  Before we have a major issue from the tree falling onto the house, it will be removed...
This is the second Pine Tree we have had to remove due to the over whelming growth and size.  

Here planted at the Oak Tree are some Prim Roses...

This is the tree in which was planted in my Mother's Memory..
She loved Oak Trees!
The Bike I'm refurbishing will be placed to the Right of the Tree.  I'm planning to fill the baskets on the bike with some Prim Roses in the Yellow and Pink colors as well.
You can't see them, but some crocus are getting ready to bloom up against the tree trunk. 

We have so much clean up this Spring and Summer...trying to get things in order.
Changes are coming..:)

Enjoy the warmer temperatures and bright sunshine..!

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