Sunday, May 31, 2009

Supporting The Cause

Saturday was spent doing many errands and just enjoying the day...

During our travels and passing through my hometown of Lititz,
the local Junior Girl Scouts were holding a
Car Wash.

Payment was donation of a canned goods which would be donated
to the Local Community Chest for families in need...

My Torrent being White was so dirty from the days of recent rain, I felt bad just donating
a can of food so I gave a cash donation.
Topic of conversation during my Torrent's wash..
"No more white cars"...!!!!

This young junior scout did an awesome job and also provided
us with entertainment as she worked..!!

Team work with a smile..

This gal put her "ALL" into her work and final results showed..!

This group of future leaders did an AWESOME job,
washing cars is no easy task and they did so with dedication and humor!

Remember to Support your
Local Girl/Boy Scouts in your area...

It's our future!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Graduation Creation..

My weekend creation..

The Seniors will be having their last day of school tomorrow,
So in honor of their hard work and graduation I made cupcakes topped with
Chocolate Implements used in the
Cosmetology World...

The best part,
I get to use my "pink" cupcake carrier!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today was a meet up with High School Pals..

We started out at the Park in our hometown of Lititz.
The day was more like one in the month of October,
the winds and temperatures were not those of a May Day....

So we ate and soon after,
we all headed to Starbux's for some warmth...
As we were getting settled at the tables we re arranged,
We noticed this guy in shorts, flip flops, summer shirt and jacket and a very nice tan....
One of the gals said he looks like Brian, a guy we had graduated with. I mentioned Brian lives in Florida..??!! It more than likely was NOT him..
So, I took another look at this guy who was holding a phone conversation with his laptop in hand trying very hard NOT to notice this large group of ladies looking at him...

A light bulb went off, a rare moment..and I said well,
It could be Brian, he certainly is dressed for someone living in Florida.
So I did the enviable...I asked if he was "Brian" was "Brian"
After Brian came closer to our group, he was just as excited as we apparently and openly showed the entire Starbux's.

Brian's grandfather is not doing well, so he had flown home for the weekend.
And Lucky Him,
We found him..!!

It was so much fun talking and reminiscing with Brian


Seeing Brian was great way to top off the day..!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Night In Hershey with Great Company
Bruce and The E Street Band

The K's waiting for the show to start.

Kathy (BFF) and I

Me and Bob

Scott and Kathy

Dr. Chris...
Party Planner and Host of the Tailgating Party before concert

Note the gift behind us from Hershey's Finest....
Ummm....ever hear of a Pooper Scooper..??!!

Kathy and Scott
Tailgate relaxation...

Bruce makes his Entrance..

The concert was awesome, weather was fantastic, pre-concert tailgating was delicious!!

A Night Of Fun, Lots of Laughs, Good Food and Great Company...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Feeling The Love On Mother's Day.....

My Mother's Day started with homemade Apple Pancakes prepared by my son and a Mocha Latte from my favorite Coffee Cafe' hand delivered from my husband...!

Later in the day after Jere was done working we met at Dairy Queen for a Finale to a very "special" day.
I was greeted with a Rose and Card from my son at the DQ..

The day ended on a very "sweet" note..

My Peanut Butter Blizzard treat was a great way to
finalize the day, and sharing it with my favorite son..!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My son stopped by class today..

My Mother's Day Gift..
A cut and trim..and I will stress Trim

I'm in my third week and doing well.
I will admit, "Friday" sounds really Good..!!!

Happy Weekend!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Journey...

I know its been a while since I last posted, there is a very good reason..!!

I have embarked on a "New" Journey!

After much soul searching and research, I have decided to return to school working towards obtaining my license as a Nail Technician...!

Since I have had major life changes involving my professional Nursing career over the past 8 years, I no longer am able to physically work as a Nurse. So I have decided to do something "Fun" and rewarding in the sense of helping others feel good about them selves...!!!

I have competed my second week and I can honestly say....
I LOVE IT...!!

I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of this new and exciting time in my life...
Well....maybe the testing/theory part has increased the Anxiety Level a bit..!
It has been 29 years since Nursing School, as the memory and brain cells just do not work like they use to....??!
The study and learning "tricks" are coming back to me..LOL

Here I am removing old polish from my client (fellow student)...hence the black gloves.
Aren't those gloves just....Lovely...??!!!

My first manicure.....
(the red "spot"on the towel..not mine! llol)

I am so blessed to have found a school with an outstanding Administration, Instructors and Fellow Students and Curriculum for Adult Students...!

I'll keep you posted as I progress..

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