Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today was a meet up with High School Pals..

We started out at the Park in our hometown of Lititz.
The day was more like one in the month of October,
the winds and temperatures were not those of a May Day....

So we ate and soon after,
we all headed to Starbux's for some warmth...
As we were getting settled at the tables we re arranged,
We noticed this guy in shorts, flip flops, summer shirt and jacket and a very nice tan....
One of the gals said he looks like Brian, a guy we had graduated with. I mentioned Brian lives in Florida..??!! It more than likely was NOT him..
So, I took another look at this guy who was holding a phone conversation with his laptop in hand trying very hard NOT to notice this large group of ladies looking at him...

A light bulb went off, a rare moment..and I said well,
It could be Brian, he certainly is dressed for someone living in Florida.
So I did the enviable...I asked if he was "Brian" was "Brian"
After Brian came closer to our group, he was just as excited as we apparently and openly showed the entire Starbux's.

Brian's grandfather is not doing well, so he had flown home for the weekend.
And Lucky Him,
We found him..!!

It was so much fun talking and reminiscing with Brian


Seeing Brian was great way to top off the day..!!


  1. Hi K,
    Well it looks like I missed a great time!
    What are the odds you would see someone from that far away right there!
    Glad you all had fun. Oh it was soooo cold here today too.

  2. How fun! I love keeping in touch with old friends. I spent the weekend with my old college roommates. One I hadn't seen in over 15 years. So fun!


  3. How neat that you found an extra friend you hadn't counted on! That's the nice thing about living where you grew up; you never know when you'll run into someone!


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