Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Night In Hershey with Great Company
Bruce and The E Street Band

The K's waiting for the show to start.

Kathy (BFF) and I

Me and Bob

Scott and Kathy

Dr. Chris...
Party Planner and Host of the Tailgating Party before concert

Note the gift behind us from Hershey's Finest....
Ummm....ever hear of a Pooper Scooper..??!!

Kathy and Scott
Tailgate relaxation...

Bruce makes his Entrance..

The concert was awesome, weather was fantastic, pre-concert tailgating was delicious!!

A Night Of Fun, Lots of Laughs, Good Food and Great Company...


  1. Hi K....well the concert and your friends all look like a great time had by all!
    Guess what...I didn't make it to PA...lots of things got in the way but now we're heading out there in June for our cousins graduation.

  2. Uhhhh ... Dr. Chris looks like he does a few workouts ... Holy cow ... the pecs on that guy! LOL What a treat to see "The Boss" in a live concert! Lucky you, your hubby, and your friends! What a great night!!


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