Sunday, May 31, 2009

Supporting The Cause

Saturday was spent doing many errands and just enjoying the day...

During our travels and passing through my hometown of Lititz,
the local Junior Girl Scouts were holding a
Car Wash.

Payment was donation of a canned goods which would be donated
to the Local Community Chest for families in need...

My Torrent being White was so dirty from the days of recent rain, I felt bad just donating
a can of food so I gave a cash donation.
Topic of conversation during my Torrent's wash..
"No more white cars"...!!!!

This young junior scout did an awesome job and also provided
us with entertainment as she worked..!!

Team work with a smile..

This gal put her "ALL" into her work and final results showed..!

This group of future leaders did an AWESOME job,
washing cars is no easy task and they did so with dedication and humor!

Remember to Support your
Local Girl/Boy Scouts in your area...

It's our future!

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