Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Votes Are In

It's no secret that I am very very proud of my hometown of Lititz, PA

In the Fall of 2012 Budget Travel Magazine did their yearly promotion to enter your favorite coolest town in the US.  The top 15 towns were then listed and you could vote once every 24 hours for your favorite town. Voting started in mid January with the last vote tallied on February 15th at 10 pm.  
With the social media being what it is today, it did not take long for the word to be spread through the community and throughout the entire world..! 
Lititz is home to many who have left the area but have not forgotten the close community and fun place Lititz truly is. They were raised in Lititz just as their parents, grandparents and even ancestors dating back to the founding fathers of this town that was once a closed community of Moravians founded on the Moravian teachings and principles. 
I am very proud to have in my family history, ancestors who were a part of the founding of Lititz. 

So as the word got out, the voting for Lititz took off like a wild fire.

I have made friends with many through my blog from different areas outside of  Lancaster and PA who love our small quaint town.  The caring community is one you just don't see in many others.   There was a time when everyone knew everyone, and I for one was related to most of the community.  That is a "funny" among my family and friends.  One I'm very honored to have....

Here is a link to a video and a radio interview in New York with a resident of Lititz who has lived in the town for 10 years...

Lititz, PA

You be the judge..:)

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Surprises....

Today was a day of absolute relaxation and checking out the goodies I had purchased online last weekend, which had arrived during this past week.  I didn't have time to open the packages until today.  
  First packages to open were my new curtains.  I placed them in the dryer on the Quick Refresh/Steam setting.  They came out of the dryer looking great!

 Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures...I could not get rid of the glare.  The texture and color of the fabric is much darker than it appears in the pictures.  I LOVE these curtains!  Even the men in the house comment how nice they look!  And that folks is a real compliment!  They bring a warmer and much more cozy feeling to the room, to which is what I was trying to achieve.  

After hanging the new curtains I opened more goodies...

Here is picture of my new shoes I purchased from Old Navy
Won't these look great for Spring and Summer!! I'm all about comfort and a good fit!  These slip on beauties are made of a very soft leather with elastic around the top for a nice snug fit...! 
Love them, too!  Pretty Feet....;)  Yep...I'm in my PJ's, too!

I also purchased two light weight button down cardigans.  I'm sure in the future when I wear them, there will be a picture posted of one or both.

Another package had two bags of Organic Dried Rose Petals I had ordered.  I am planning to use the Pedals to top off my baked goodies to help make them pretty.  When I saw several pictures of baked goodies and sweets topped with the rose pedals I immediately loved the look of romance and softness they gave the final touch of the decorating.  I have two nice size bags of pedals which will last me quite a long time...YAY

The last package was a Bridal Shower Gift for the daughter of my Husbands Cousin.  I chose some very pretty Yellow Towels she had listed on her Bridal Registry as the gift.  I checked the link when ordering online this was a Bridal Gift.  I was totally SHOCKed to find the gift Beautifully wrapped when I opened the shipping box.  
How amazingly cool is that!!?  And....I did not pay extra for the gift wrapping.  Even better, right! I only need to attach a nice card and I'm good to go!  

The day ended with a nice home made Spaghetti dinner..
I like a little sauce with my noodles

That's all I have to share with my purchases..I'm so pleased with all my goodies :)) I'm becoming a real pro with Internet shopping. It sure beats having to fight the crowds and the store not having what you want...! 

 To my friends in the New England States...I hope the worst of the storm and after effects are over for you and your warm and safe in the comfort of your own homes. 

Tomorrow is our annual pick up Faschnaut's Day at a local church.  It's a hit or miss on how long you must stand inline.  But the wait is so worth it! 
Even though Tuesday is  officially "Fat Tuesday" , the Catholic Church makes Faschnauts for three days, starting on Sunday into the Tuesday before Lent.  If you wait until Tuesday to get your Faschnauts, you take the chance of not getting any as they make them until the ingredients run out and then the doors are closed and locked for another year:( So tradition has been for us to get ours on Monday.  I'll be dreaming Faschnauts tonight..LOL

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

According To Phil

Spring is only 6 weeks away...!
So Phil says.

Ground Hog Day is a big deal here in PA.  We have the "official" Ground Hog named, Phil.  He lives in  Punxsutawney, PA.  Maybe you have heard of, Phil!?  He is very well known.  And very reliable, so I'm hoping this year!  Phil did not see his shadow this year, meaning there will be an early Spring.  WooHoo
Did you know the Groundhog Club has been around since 1887!?  Who knew??!  
If you would like to read what Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, PA has to offer besides seeing Phil, visit their website at Groundhog Day .

Another Big Event this weekend is the Super Bowl...
Since my team the "Steelers" did not even make it to the play offs this year, I'll be cheering for the Ravens.  Living and growing up in Central PA, Baltimore has been our close neighbor.  The state of Maryland and city of Baltimore has never been a stranger to me.  My summers were spent in Maryland at our family cottage along the Chesapeake Bay, with Baltimore not far from there.  I remember the hot summers going into the Harbor.  A lot history is at the Baltimore Harbor.  A place I would highly recommend you visit if you find yourself close to the area.
Go Ravens! 

Today I did some shopping.  At my favorite place to!
I purchased some new window treatments for our family room.  
 I was holding off purchasing new curtains due to putting our home on the market.  My plan is I will place the old curtains back up if I chose to take the new ones with. 

This week I'm hoping to take a day trip somewhere fun!
If your a football fan, I hope your team wins and your week is fun and eventful only in a good way:)
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