Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Birthday and High Tea

This year for our birthdays, my Bestie and I had a Birthday Lunch at a quaint little place called "The Tea Affair" in my hometown of Lititz, PA.  I have heard great reviews from those who have lunched at The Tea Affair, to which I had been wanting to experience myself.  Knowing hubs would not think having small finger sandwiches and tea for lunch an adequate lunch, I proposed the idea of having our birthday lunch there to Bestie and she jumped at the idea!!  I made reservations for the two of us a week ago, luckily grabbing the last open spot for High Tea at 11:15 the day before my bday.  Bestie and I always celebrate our bdays together since our 'special' days are one day of each other.

We started out at The Tea Affair with High Tea.  We couldn't believe all the delicious food!!  It just kept coming out..

 This was the start of our lunch.  We chose the Energizing Lemon with Spearmint Tea for our lunch.  It was a very light and refreshing tea...very good choice!  Homemade Scones with Lemon Curd and Raspberry Jelly were served first with our pot of tea.   The scones were so darn good, Kath and I each ordered a dozen with a jar of Lemon Curd to take home with us!

Next up was a savory quiche and salad topped with  Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  After the scones and quiche with salad, my tummy was full.  But, we had more to come!

Just look at that tier of food!  On the bottom are finger sandwiches.  Four different sandwiches for both of us. The long red speckled ones in the middle are a chicken salad, next to the left is a BLT, middle one is a cucumber and to the right is a homemade coleslaw sandwich.  ALL were absolutely delicious..!

Did you notice the top tier???!!!!  Up there my friends are the sweets!  O, yes!  And this part did not disappoint..!  I think we each had 7.....please don't ask me what the names and what each was, because I honestly don't remember.  I can tell you, I ate three and brought the rest of them home :)

I was totally stuffed, thinking this was the last of the yummmy lunch.  But, to our surprise...we had one more course of four different Sorbet's.  Since we were unable to package up the Sorbet and take it home, we did manage to force the last course of Sorbet.  Sooo good!  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the Sorbet.  I think my eyes were floating into my head by this time with all the food I consumed.

After our lunch we headed to the Nail Salon.  Kath had a pedicure and I treated myself to a nice manicure of French Gel Nails with a pretty flower on each hand. 

Here we are having a nice glass of Wine after our Pampering of New Nails.  We possibly could not forgo celebrating with some Wine ;)

And a piece of Chocolate Cake!  I know, how could we be hungry after all that food from lunch.  Well, I'll tell ya, I'm never too full for some Chocolate and it was several hours after our lunch.


I copied a few pictures from the website of "The Tea Affair"

Here is the Link to 

Today, my bday is filled with many bday wishes and a meal of grilled steak and shrimp, a baked potato and fresh corn on the cob prepared by my two favorite men! 

Have a wonderful day my dear friends and thanks for sharing my birthday with me..!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lazy Hazy Days Of Summer.....

Wowzers....has it ever been H O T !!!

Yesterday we arose early and headed to the Beach for the day..!
It was a scorcher of a day with the beach packed with lots of people and their umbrellas.  
After several hours relaxing under the shade of our umbrella and the nice ocean breeze, we headed farther west along the coast to our favorite place to eat, Sneaky Pete's. 
The restaurant is in the shape of a gazebo with high wooden booths and a bar that sits out on the Bay Waters.  The music played is always fun summer time tunes, such as Jimmy Buffet Songs.  You walk down a short pier, where at the end you will find Sneaky Pete's.
The Seafood is wonderful and the most popular item for us on the menu is the,
All You Can Eat Blue Crabs!

Here is a picture of hubs and I at Pete's
 Sneaky Pete's is nothing fancy, but very relaxing and you feel the nice cool breeze all around you from the Bay.
After our tasty Seafood Meal, we headed to the Boardwalk for a while before heading home.
It was a very nice day of Beach Relaxation and Good Food!

Stay cool and hydrated my friends...!
I hope your all having a fun and eventful Summer :)

Much love and hugs,

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