Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lazy Hazy Days Of Summer.....

Wowzers....has it ever been H O T !!!

Yesterday we arose early and headed to the Beach for the day..!
It was a scorcher of a day with the beach packed with lots of people and their umbrellas.  
After several hours relaxing under the shade of our umbrella and the nice ocean breeze, we headed farther west along the coast to our favorite place to eat, Sneaky Pete's. 
The restaurant is in the shape of a gazebo with high wooden booths and a bar that sits out on the Bay Waters.  The music played is always fun summer time tunes, such as Jimmy Buffet Songs.  You walk down a short pier, where at the end you will find Sneaky Pete's.
The Seafood is wonderful and the most popular item for us on the menu is the,
All You Can Eat Blue Crabs!

Here is a picture of hubs and I at Pete's
 Sneaky Pete's is nothing fancy, but very relaxing and you feel the nice cool breeze all around you from the Bay.
After our tasty Seafood Meal, we headed to the Boardwalk for a while before heading home.
It was a very nice day of Beach Relaxation and Good Food!

Stay cool and hydrated my friends...!
I hope your all having a fun and eventful Summer :)

Much love and hugs,


  1. Hi K. I would so love to feel the ocean breeze. Sounds like you and hubby had a wonderful day. Does the body good, huh?? Hope the rest of the week is a good one for you. Take care

    1. Hey Angela! Yes! A little time at the beach really does do the body good :) We did have a very nice time, we both love the 'smells' of the beach. Hope your summer is fun and your staying cool. Hugs....K

  2. WOOOHOOO, You both looked so relaxed and happy.
    I bet you both ate well. I LOVE seafood! YUMMY!
    Talk to you soon girlie.

    1. Hey T....YES, we both had a very relaxing day! Our meal was so good. Hope your staying cool....love ya,G/F! Hugs...K


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