Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome to my kitchen...

I made this simple sign to go above my French Doors in my kitchen that lead out onto my deck.  I was hoping to be able to just prop it up on the  wood door frame like I have many other pieces above door frames. But, hubs says it has to be secured with at least one screw....apparently the frame is not flat on top like my other door frames.  It seems when ever we have friends and family over, especially during the summer months by the pool....the kitchen is where a few of us eventually end up.

I also purchased some new curtains for my sun room, doing a little rearranging in that area.  Since hubs has taken an early retirement...we have really been enjoying do things we never seemed to have time for.  Life is so short, and it's very sad to know that over half the men hubs worked with have passed.  So when he decided to take an early retirement, I was totally in favor of it.  We both worked hard and planned for this day....we did have some bumps in the road over the years, but we managed to over come and forge forward.  I know so many who had the chance to take an early retirement and worked to their full retirement age, only to become ill and not enjoy their retirement.  Like I mentioned, life is so short and the years really do catch up to you fast. 

We have so much planned for this summer.....July is almost totally full with all those fun summer activities.
I hope your having a fun weekend and your summer brings you many fond memories....

Loves n Hugs

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  1. Hi K,
    What a special sign - and I'm glad it got screwed into the wall...imagine a door slamming and it falling on someone - good thinking on hubbys part.
    And happy early retirement to are so going to enjoy it.
    We had early our very early 50's so it seems we have not worked our whole Has been great!


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