Sunday, August 30, 2009

Changing Of The Tide...

So many new and exciting happenings with the change
of season for me....

I am still on the search for a property to lease,
we sold our rental property and had settlement this past week
which we obtained in
March for the business.
We were met with a zoning issue which blind-sighted us,
so we decided to sell and move forward.
Fortunately, the property sold very quickly after we listed it on the Market...
Yesterday I received a call from our one elderly tenant whom we have come
to know and is a real sweetheart. She was very sad and upset we sold the
property and has much concern.
I must say, I was very sad after our conversation, but as I reminded her
we are still only a phone call away...

This week we are looking at property in my hometown of Lititz...
Now that is very EXCITING news for ME..!!
We have made the decision to sell our home
and downsize a bit...
Seems our lives have gotten so busy and everyone is moving in all
different directions. The current upkeep is just too much.

Our son starts back to college full time this coming week
after a hiatus of two years.
That is very good and exciting news for us...
Although he has done very well for himself the past two years
working full time in the retail world of technology during a time
companies are downsizing and have a hiring freeze,
He understands he must get the degree...Praise The Lord!!

So as we come to a close this favorite time of year for me,
I am hopeful and excited for what new changes are just
around the corner....

Have a great week...

Friday, August 28, 2009

There's A Rooster In The House.....

Rooster Day

I had more Roosters than I thought I did......

Barbs Good Life
is hosting a
"Rooster" Day Today...
Cluck your way over to Barb's Blog
Check out the Roosters

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Pretzel Trivia....

Did you ever wonder how those soft, warm and just the right
amount of salt creations called a
Soft Pretzel came from...??

If your like me,
I can not turn down a freshly baked soft pretzel...
Even if I only have one little sliver to satisfy my fix...
I gotta have me some..!

Here are some links explaining the history of
one of God's greatest creations..
A Soft Pretzel...

Food History


Fun History


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

*Special Friends*

I was surprised to be given this
Beautiful Picture Frame
for my Birthday from my Long Time
Very Good Friend, Laurie...

I was wondering why it was so important
for Laurie to have our picture taken together.

I am
usually the one who
has the camera in everyone else's face....
I totally LOVE it!
Thank You, Laurie....!!

This next picture is one of a gift also for my birthday....
My "new" friend, Judi hand crafted this very unique
beautiful Chinese Star Book,
with all my favorite colors..!!

The book is used to hold blank labels within their own pocket...
Others write their own words to you on the labels.
The book becomes a very special
memorable keepsake..

I will be toting this book with me for a while,
so beware every one...

A warning though...
Only nice words are to be written:/

Judi started with
"Happy Birthday" wishes....

Thank You Laurie and Judy,
for thinking of me on my Birthday
for the very special and memorial gifts
I will cherish...FOREVER

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wow...what a busy weekend, again!

I have not been posting much,
due to a very busy summer and schedule
I hardly get time to check my messages
and keep up with my Facebook friends...
Do you ever go through your email and just hit
the "delete" button for ALL messages..???

I am so tempted at times..LOL
but, I do read and comment when necessary..

It started on Friday with appointments and errands.
Saturday was just as busy, I think my brain totally shuts down as soon as my
head it's the pillow. I wake feeling so rested and ready to go.
Sunday morning I was treated to my Favorite Mocha Coffee.
My husband went to the Coffee Shop before the door was unlocked
and lights were turned on.

Sunday afternoon was spent honoring my Husband's
Aunt and Uncles' 60th Wedding Anniversary..!!
It was so awesome to be a part of a very special day.

It was so nice to see so many of husband's family and friends
of the family, whom we do not get see very much any more.
Seems we all are going in different directions but

all find the time to come together when a special celebration
is in order.

Lititz Springs Park..

Sunday evening was then spent in my favorite place,
my hometown..
Bumping into friends and family,
strolling in the park
and listening to the awesome message and music
provided by different church worship teams
from the community. All the while savoring
every bite of my PB Gelato....

It was a good weekend...
Now back to the reality of life....

Have A Great Week...!!

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