Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lancaster County~Gathering Of Friends Trip

My friend Karen, is organizing a trip to my area of
Lancaster County, PA.

Below is the information on this well thought out and planned trip to the
Heart Of Amish Country.

If your interested in participating, Karen's contact information is listed below with complete details of the trip...

Sounds like a great time to be had by ALL...!


Click on heading to go to the post to read all about it!
But here are a few of the details
Lancaster, Pennsylvania Trip
AUGUST 5 - 8, 2009
3 days of shopping
- I will have a daily Itinerary made up
1 day at the Lititz Craft Show....this is a huge one so you won't want to miss it.
Motel: Amish View Inn $99.00 a night (2 doubles) you can share a room and cut down on the cost.
check out their link:
A Make And Take project at Family Creations by Julia in Intercourse.
We’ll be making a Fabric Covered Book with a stitched verse on cloth for the front. A very easy but fun project.
This is for Thursday night the 6th from 7 - 9 (she only does evening sessions) and it includes snacks and drinks - not a meal but goodies (We’ll have dinner before heading there)
Cost is $15.00 payable that night
I will probably need a positive no later than the end of June for the Make and Take session.
The motel will be available very close to the dates for those not knowing for sure.

If you want to be put on the list e-mail me at: and if you want you can send me your mailing address as well for information I can't get into an e-mail.
I will send more information as I get it to keep you informed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It Arrived in Pink...!

My Baby has arrived..!!

I am so excited to have received a 36 Cup Cake Carrier today.
And the best part...
It's PINK!!

I found this amazing carrier featured on a Cupcake site from

I checked it out and immediately ordered one.

The flat bottom of the Carrier is large and the dome is high enough to hold and carry a cake with multiple layers, as well...

I am so anxious to bake and fill it with some Easter Cakes from
the Food Network site.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family Cottage...Then and Now

Last Weekend my husband and I decided to take a little drive to Maryland and revisit my childhood.

Taken in 1964
Fishing Pier and Boat Landing

As a child, my summers were spent at the family Cottage at Red Point, MD

During those early years, Red Point was not a well known community. It was then and still remains a very private community that sets back off the main road within the thick wooded area of Northeast Maryland.

What made my family make this trip every weekend from Spring until late Fall and week long stays in the Summer time.
The Chesapeake Bay...

This small and very quaint community was nestled high above and along the Chesapeake Bay.

After spending Two hours in Chesapeake City feasting on fresh Blue Crabs, my husband and I found our way over to Red Point just as the sun was setting on the Bay.

Family Cottage As It Looks Today

Present Day Fishing Pier and Boat Landing

Present Day View Taken Directly In Front Of Cottage

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is it "Entercourse" or "Intercourse"....??

AS the weather continues to be true to the Season.... Our days are longer and warmer. With that comes the itch to get outside and enjoy the beautiful days of Spring and Summer.

One of my favorites, get in the car and visit local areas of interest and short day trips. I love traveling via the car, stopping when you want and taking it all in.
The sites, shops and of course food..!!

Today's Place of Interest is:

Intercourse, PA

History of Intercourse

Check out the links and read the history of this historical town and all it has to offer, Located somewhere here in Pennsylvania....

Friday, March 20, 2009

S P R I N G.......

Happy Spring Everyone!

I just love this time of year, a new Season of warmth and sunshine with the occasional rain showers. The soft scents of freshness and sweetness that is so soothing to the mind and soul....

The best part of Spring, Summer is not far behind!

I hope your day is shinning as bright as mine, here in PA...
It's absolutely Gorgeous!!

Have a Great First Day of Spring!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Celebrate like an Irishman...

What will you be doing to Celebrate like the Irish...??

Here is a recipe I found for Irish Potato Candy that sounds Yummmy..
It calls for Chocolate!!
So it has to be good, Right!?

2/3 c. cold mashed potato
4 c. confectioners' sugar
2 tbsp. butter
1/2 tsp. salt
Vanilla flavoring
4 c. shredded coconut
Semi-sweet chocolate, melted
Mix potato and sugar; add butter, vanilla, salt and coconut. Blend well. Press mixture into ungreased baking dish (medium size) so that mixture is 1 inch thick. Chill until firm. Cut into squares and dip into chocolate or pour melted chocolate over mixture.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Give Away..

I have decided to do a


This hand sewn wall hanging can be yours..!!

This wall hanging was made by a lovely lady from Lancaster County, Pa

It screams SPRING, don't ya think??

What you need to do to win:

One entry for making a comment on this post

One entry for referring a friend and they mention you on this post

One entry if you post this Give Away on your Blog

Please send me your email address if your blog page will not be listed with your comment. You can find my email link on my profile page.

Good Luck!

This contest will be closed on

March 20th

The first Day Of Spring

Monday, March 9, 2009

Umm-Umm Good!!!

Have you tried the New V8 Campbell's Soup..??

If you haven't found this, oh so good soup in your local grocery store,
I highly recommend you search your soup aile..

My favorite is the Garden Broccoli

Here is a link to recipes using these yummy soups to create some very tasty dinners......

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Future Mayor

(Left to Right) Laurie, Shane, Me, Susan, Wendy, Linda and Ron

Friday night was one of our Meet Ups with long time friends from my School years.
As we were having our usual good time at the LaPiazza restaurant in my hometown of Lititz, which has a very nice bar/sports bar area to the rear of the restaurant, we quickly found ourselves in the usual conversation of sharing what has been going on in our lives.

I was totally amazed at how quickly the bar area filled with locals. Many people I have not seen in a very long time. And one person in particular, was the Town Fire Chief, Ron who happened to be a school friend and member of our class. Ron was having dinner in the dining area with other local Fireman and Fireman visiting from Washington, D.C. who were in the area for a weekend of intense training with the local fire company. When Ron learned of our little group being there, he stopped back to say hi. Our conversation with Ron was like we had just left WHS yesterday. During our conversation, we learned Ron is running for Mayor of our hometown of Lititz. You can imagine how excited we all were for Ron learning of his newest endeavor. The Mayor of Lititz has always been a very highly respected position and supported by the community. Ron would serve well in the position as Mayor, he has been a very active and supportive citizen of Lititz, giving of his time and talents volunteering countless hours in a community that counts on those, like Ron to serve so the community continues to grow and at the same time maintain the wholesomeness of a small and quaint town settled somewhere in Pennsylvania...
So, Without hesitation we voiced our support to Ron and offered our assistance in any way to help get the votes needed for Ron to be the next Mayor Of Lititz, PA
What a great time with those awesome friends of mine..!!

Have a great week, my dear blogger friends!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Easter Fun and Teachings

My friend, Christine has posted on the Teachings of Easter and some really cool ideas for craft making.....

I encourage you to Hop on over to Christine's, were she explains the meaning of Easter and shares how she brought the meaning and teachings of Easter to her children and home over the years...

And if you make a comment for the give away Christine is having,
Please mention you heard about it from ME...!!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meeting Jane

This weekend
I met Jane..

That's Jane as in, Jane Seymour!
My best Friend, Kathy and I ventured to the Big Apple on the quest to meet Jane.
We arrived in the city around 12:30 Saturday afternoon. Our hotel on 8th Ave, off of Broadway had Valet Parking, so I simply drove up to the curb, immediately was greeted with the most kindest doorman ever, (I wish I had gotten his name and pic)

Luggage was taken out of the back of my Torrent, without hesitation from awesome doorman and delivered to our room...
My Best Friend, Kathy and I

We did a quick inspection of the room and off we went in search of Jane at the Art Expo in the Big Apple. Awesome doorman waved down a cab, tucked us in and waved goodbye.

At Jane's booth I met up with some ladies I have gotten to know through Jane's Club. These women are some of the sweetest and sincere people I have ever met. The time spent with these ladies was exciting and just simply, fun! The group of ladies traveled from CA, TX, GA, MA and the UK.Jane's Art Work In NYC

Jane at the Art Exp in NYC

Friends at the Expo I have met through the club

After a late night of Food, Drinks and great company, Kathy and I settled back in our room for a much needed rest. We decided to head out early in the morning due to a whopper of a snow storm heading directly towards NYC...

Spending time out on the town in NYC with great company

This morning when it was time to leave, my Torrent was dropped off within minutes of notifying the desk of our checkout, awesome doorman was on duty again, he loaded luggage into Torrent and with fresh coffee in hand, Kathy and I headed out of the Big Apple after spending a very memorable time with ladies I probably will never see again in person, but will always cherish the memories..!

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