Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family Cottage...Then and Now

Last Weekend my husband and I decided to take a little drive to Maryland and revisit my childhood.

Taken in 1964
Fishing Pier and Boat Landing

As a child, my summers were spent at the family Cottage at Red Point, MD

During those early years, Red Point was not a well known community. It was then and still remains a very private community that sets back off the main road within the thick wooded area of Northeast Maryland.

What made my family make this trip every weekend from Spring until late Fall and week long stays in the Summer time.
The Chesapeake Bay...

This small and very quaint community was nestled high above and along the Chesapeake Bay.

After spending Two hours in Chesapeake City feasting on fresh Blue Crabs, my husband and I found our way over to Red Point just as the sun was setting on the Bay.

Family Cottage As It Looks Today

Present Day Fishing Pier and Boat Landing

Present Day View Taken Directly In Front Of Cottage

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  1. WOW, those sunsets are absolutely beautiful. What great colors!!!


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