Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four......

Have you ever heard of a Potato Bag?

Here are my newest Potato Bags I just received in the mail from Barbara in North Carolina.  I came across my very first Potato Bag in a quaint coffee shop in North Carolina on our way to Myrtle Beach a few years ago.  I purchased the bag and brought it home, placed it beside my microwave and sorta forgot about it for a few weeks.  One day I had one of those "ah ha moments" and made my first potato in my potato bag with the microwave.  Barbara had inserted instructions inside the bag and also one of her business cards.  I followed the simple instructions of, washing potato, place inside bag without poking holes, close over flap and bake for 2-21/2 minutes on high.  Gently squeeze potato from the outside of bag. If potato is soft when slightly squeezed, potato is done.
After that first potato made in the forgotten potato bag, it has become one of my very favorite cooking items in my kitchen....
I have gifted so many of these since my first purchase in that little quaint coffee shop that we just happened to stumble onto during our road trip.

Not only are the bags a plus, Barbara and I have become friends, also...

The three bags I purchased this time are for gifts also...

First one is a pattern of Cupcakes.  (I may keep this one for myself ;)

The second one is a Kitchen and Baking Pattern

The third one is a pattern of fresh fruit

In my goody package was also a Key Chain Barbara makes...
This was a gift to me, just because!  I love it Barbara...!!

I love gifting my friends and family homemade items that are so useful and made of very good quality.  I have had my share of some really crappy stuff over the years, even some crafting work done by others I personally have known and who I would never have thought would be so careless and not caring how their work looked. 
With that said, if I can't do the work myself I am very  particular on who I purchase from and no more asking others to help me complete a crafting job in an area I'm not as experienced in.....

If anyone is interested in a Potato Bag, send me a message and I'll give you Barbara's Information.

Thanks for stopping by...

Loves n Hugs,


  1. Love those! My mom bought me one at a craft show and they work great!

    1. Holly.....they really do work great! I love mine and so do those who I have gifted to. Thanks for stopping by...hugs, K

  2. Good afternoon K,
    I have seen the potato bags but never used one.
    I may have to FINALLY purchase one.

  3. Good Evening, Karen!! Sorry for the slow response. You would love a Potato Bag...:)) Hope your staying warm up there in your corner...hugs, K


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