Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fire Cracker State Of Mind.....

As I sit and compose my thoughts into words, my mind is racing from the days passed and all that has occurred, good and not so good...My mind is wanting to just skip into the Holiday weekend of multiple gatherings such as the annual parade and entertainment in the beautiful park of  my home town of Lititz, to a surprise birthday party on saturday afternoon followed by some friends and family spending the evening at my home poolside....
Sunday will be late church services and then followed by an afternoon of more entertainment and fireworks at another favorite park of mine...Monday will be our annual breakfast to our favorite breakfast buffet, then again followed by some fun and sun by the pool....

My son left late this afternoon to spend a few well deserved days in Pittsburgh with his best buds...
He thought with his summer break from college he would get some down time, however his job has been keeping him very busy with a high demand, to which he is not complaining..! He is very good at what he does to which his father and I are very thankful for...!

The "one" not so good happenings started early this morning when my bestie contacted me with some sad news...her husband is the Chief Of Police in two jurisdictions, last evening his one part- time police officer was killed in the line of duty.....the young officer was an Army Veteran who served two tours of duty.  His young wife and him are pregnant with their first child.  Needless to say, this news has been very devastating to all of those who knew him personally and the community.  Just a reminder of how precious life is and quickly it can all change.

On a very much happier note, my dear sweet cousin's (who I have always felt to be more of a sister than a cousin), husband has been appointed the new Editor of the Lancaster News Papers.   This news came in late this afternoon, one day after the long time Editor announced his retirement.  I am so happy for Peter and of course his wife, my cousin, Audrey.  Peter is so deserving of this  position, could have not gone to a better person...!!!  I will be seeing Peter and Audrey tomorrow evening and I can't wait to personally congratulate him..!

Have a Fun and Safe Holiday Weekend, My Friends!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm totally hooked on,
The Housewives Of New Jersey
Housewives Of New York....

I started watching a HO New Jersey marathon
while I was down and recuperating..
Now I plan my Sunday and Thursday evenings around the shows...
How pathetic is that!?
I am a NO drama person,
but for some reason I enjoy these two shows,
I find the New Jersey series more to my personal likes
than New York, but have come to enjoy them both...
It must be an East Coast thing..!!

It's hard to believe the weekend is done,
and the longest day of the year has also come and gone:(
I must say...
 This weekend was very nice and relaxing with
open concerts in parks both Saturday and Sunday..
As a child, my parents were ones who also
enjoyed time spent with the family at parks...
We even went to parks when snow flurries were 
dancing around us as we ate the steaming hot soup
my mother had made for the outing..
I guess my love for parks comes from my childhood..

Saturday after our concert in the park,
we decided to drive to another favorite place 
of mine in the summer,
The Jigger Shop in Mt Gretna...

The Jigger Shop has some of the best ice cream creations....ever!!

Sunday evening was spent with some very long time
and dear friends of ours at another favorite park
listening to a free concert and catching up...
This coming week is going to be busy
gearing up and preparing for the holiday weekend
of parties and festivities,
so having a relaxing no fuss weekend was very welcomed..

Yes, Summer is in full swing,
and I love it!!

Have a fun and safe week, my friends!

Friday, June 24, 2011

This is why I love my Bestest Friend, Kathy....

After we spent the afternoon at the Salon,
then an early dinner and shopping,
a stop at Starbucks on the way home
and then parting ways back at the Salon...

I came home to find this card waiting for me,
sent via snail mail by my Bestest...
Just because:)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

As the weekend and Father's Day slowly 
comes to a close,
I'm so thankful for the chance to 
have spent some time 
with my Uncle who is in Ill Health...
His long term memory is gone,
with some short term memory loss as well...
His words spoken frequently 
were those of his chronic pain he suffers with.
It becomes more and more difficult to
see the inevitable changes occur
to a man who once was so strong
and bigger than life when he entered a room..
"The Gentle Giant"
I left his home having that sad
feeling of wanting to do more,
but knowing nothing more can be done.

Saturday evening some friends stopped by,
we enjoyed a nice visit on the deck
while eating the Strawberry Cheese Cake
they brought along to share..!
The Cheese Cake was made at
 I have had many goodies over the years
made from this Cafe',
if your ever in the Hershey area stop by 
Breads N Cheese for some awesome treats,
you wont be disappointed...!

Today, Father's Day...
my son gave his dad a new toy,
A powerful weed whacker...
The guy now has three!
It always amuses me how excited
a man can get when he receives 
a new power toy..!
The evening closed with a nice
meal prepared by our son
with great conversation!

Have a fun and safe week, my friends!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

is a landlocked country located in the Horn of Africa,
and officially known as the
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 

Ethiopia is where my church sponsored child, 
Yohanes lives..
I have been corresponding with Yohanes for
five years...
Each letter I receive totally gives me a new 
perspective on how fortunate we are to 
live in a country of really no needs or wants
of the simplest things...
Even though the US has been hit 
with a very bad economy...

We still have everything we need 
to make life comfortable and bearable...
Unlike so many 3rd world countries.

When I read a letter from Yohanes
describing how excited and thankful
he is to have a new pair of shoes
purchased with the money sent through
our ministry...
It makes me take a step back
and reflect just how much more we have than less...
Sometimes in life we forget those who do not have
what we all take for granted each and every day....

I often think how "my" life would be different
had I been born into a very poor country..

I know I would survive, hence
it would be all I knew....
However, knowing the difference between
how my life of no needs and wants
compared to those who do...
Makes one appreciate all God has provided..!!

Many Blessings to you, my friend!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A fun and busy weekend...

Friday was a day of errands,
Lunch in the park,
Late Afternoon Movie to see my Johnny
in the latest Pirates movie
and then meeting up with friends
and relaxing while catching up
at a local eatery on their
patio of cozy atmosphere....

Saturday was a very busy day at the salon,
followed by an invite to a party.

I had all intentions of attending the party,
however about the time I was preparing to leave
the clouds opened up and gave a severe 
summer storm with tornado warnings...
I was traveling in the same direction as the storm,
so I decided to stay home
where I felt safe and comfort....

Sunday was a day of rest...! Period
Another busy week a head
of Salon business, friends and myself pool side
and the usual everyday stuff 
to keep this home moving forward.
Tuesday I must attend a memorial service
for my father's cousin,
to whom our families were always
very close...

Have a great week and enjoy the season of summer..!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I can't begin to express how happy I am
summer is in full swing..!
Happy Happy Happy
This time of year for me is the best time of year,
both mentally and physically..!

This summer has started off with several invites
to showers and celebrations...

I have always been honored to be
invited to a shower or event
to celebrate a new beginning...

However, I must say this year has been 
an over abundance in all areas of celebrations.....

I'm not complaining by any means,
I decide and purchase 
the gift of choice
and think I'm ready to
enjoy the up coming event,
When I receive another invite in the mail....
Yes, I feel honored and blessed to have such
wonderful and cherished friends and family...!
My calendar is filling up fast,
with invites and celebrations from now 
into September....

Oh, as much as I am looking forward to
all the activties...
September seems a bit far off
and I for one do not want to rush away the summer:))

Have a great week and enjoy...!


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