Sunday, June 19, 2011

As the weekend and Father's Day slowly 
comes to a close,
I'm so thankful for the chance to 
have spent some time 
with my Uncle who is in Ill Health...
His long term memory is gone,
with some short term memory loss as well...
His words spoken frequently 
were those of his chronic pain he suffers with.
It becomes more and more difficult to
see the inevitable changes occur
to a man who once was so strong
and bigger than life when he entered a room..
"The Gentle Giant"
I left his home having that sad
feeling of wanting to do more,
but knowing nothing more can be done.

Saturday evening some friends stopped by,
we enjoyed a nice visit on the deck
while eating the Strawberry Cheese Cake
they brought along to share..!
The Cheese Cake was made at
 I have had many goodies over the years
made from this Cafe',
if your ever in the Hershey area stop by 
Breads N Cheese for some awesome treats,
you wont be disappointed...!

Today, Father's Day...
my son gave his dad a new toy,
A powerful weed whacker...
The guy now has three!
It always amuses me how excited
a man can get when he receives 
a new power toy..!
The evening closed with a nice
meal prepared by our son
with great conversation!

Have a fun and safe week, my friends!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your Uncle. It does hurt so bad when we know there is nothing more we can do. So is the situation with Mother as I sit and watch her weakening away before my eyes.

    Glad you had a great weekend. Time spent with friends and supper with your Son. how blessed you are. Hoping you have a great week.


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