Saturday, June 4, 2011

I can't begin to express how happy I am
summer is in full swing..!
Happy Happy Happy
This time of year for me is the best time of year,
both mentally and physically..!

This summer has started off with several invites
to showers and celebrations...

I have always been honored to be
invited to a shower or event
to celebrate a new beginning...

However, I must say this year has been 
an over abundance in all areas of celebrations.....

I'm not complaining by any means,
I decide and purchase 
the gift of choice
and think I'm ready to
enjoy the up coming event,
When I receive another invite in the mail....
Yes, I feel honored and blessed to have such
wonderful and cherished friends and family...!
My calendar is filling up fast,
with invites and celebrations from now 
into September....

Oh, as much as I am looking forward to
all the activties...
September seems a bit far off
and I for one do not want to rush away the summer:))

Have a great week and enjoy...!



  1. Good Morning K. Happy Summer to You! Sounds like you are going to be busy. Glad it will be attending events you will ejoy doing. Spending time with family and or friends. September does seems awhile away, but I'm sure as time is flying by so quickly it will be here way too soon. Have a great day and wonderful week.
    Angela( Thru Nanas Window)

  2. Good Day, Angela!! And Happy Summer to you, also! Enjoy your warm summer evenings on that awesome porch or yours:))


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