Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fire Cracker State Of Mind.....

As I sit and compose my thoughts into words, my mind is racing from the days passed and all that has occurred, good and not so good...My mind is wanting to just skip into the Holiday weekend of multiple gatherings such as the annual parade and entertainment in the beautiful park of  my home town of Lititz, to a surprise birthday party on saturday afternoon followed by some friends and family spending the evening at my home poolside....
Sunday will be late church services and then followed by an afternoon of more entertainment and fireworks at another favorite park of mine...Monday will be our annual breakfast to our favorite breakfast buffet, then again followed by some fun and sun by the pool....

My son left late this afternoon to spend a few well deserved days in Pittsburgh with his best buds...
He thought with his summer break from college he would get some down time, however his job has been keeping him very busy with a high demand, to which he is not complaining..! He is very good at what he does to which his father and I are very thankful for...!

The "one" not so good happenings started early this morning when my bestie contacted me with some sad news...her husband is the Chief Of Police in two jurisdictions, last evening his one part- time police officer was killed in the line of duty.....the young officer was an Army Veteran who served two tours of duty.  His young wife and him are pregnant with their first child.  Needless to say, this news has been very devastating to all of those who knew him personally and the community.  Just a reminder of how precious life is and quickly it can all change.

On a very much happier note, my dear sweet cousin's (who I have always felt to be more of a sister than a cousin), husband has been appointed the new Editor of the Lancaster News Papers.   This news came in late this afternoon, one day after the long time Editor announced his retirement.  I am so happy for Peter and of course his wife, my cousin, Audrey.  Peter is so deserving of this  position, could have not gone to a better person...!!!  I will be seeing Peter and Audrey tomorrow evening and I can't wait to personally congratulate him..!

Have a Fun and Safe Holiday Weekend, My Friends!

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  1. Good morning K, Sounds like you have a fun, yet busy weekend planned. Glad your son is getting some time to relax and enjoy spending time with friends. So sorry to hear about the young officer. This always saddens me as you hear of this sad misfortune happening more and more lately. My prayers are with all who knew him and especially his family. Congrat. to your Cousin's hubby on his new job. It's always good news when someone so deserving gets the rewards. So many times companies go over above the deserving. Sound like you have a lot to celebrate. And those pool parties sound great as it is going to be close to 100 degrees here on Sunday. Stay safe and have a great weekend holiday.


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