Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wow...what a fantastic holiday weekend..!

A friend captured this beautiful sunset on Monday Evening after a relaxing day by the pool at my home...

The festivities started Friday in my hometown of, Lititz.
The annual July 4th parade kicked off a weekend long bash of Fun...

*Meeting up with friends and family,  surprise birthday party,
picnics, swimming, great conversations while relaxing and enjoying all the 
savory summer time food and drinks...
And Lots Of Laughs!

And of course...
Three days of awesome fireworks,
 provided by neighbors and local communities..
Have I mentioned before...?

This week is going to be just as busy...
 finalizing what I need for this coming weekend of,
Community Days where my Salon business is located,
A baby shower for the daughter of a long time friend,
And then closing the weekend on Sunday with my family reunion
to which I organize, at the park in my hometown...

My list is prepared of the items I am still in need of
to make this weekend another Fun time for all with
Friends and Family...

I'm also looking forward to catching up with my son
after his long weekend spent with friends in Pittsburgh..
He snuck into the house sometime late last night,
he was either extremely quiet or I was extremely exhausted...
I'm thinking a little bit of both!
He was up and out of the house to work this morning long before
my eyelids cracked open...
The advantages of being young:)

Hoping your holiday weekend was one of many good memories, my friends!
Enjoy your week of summer time fun and stay safe..!
 Thanks for stopping by..

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  1. Whew K. You make me tired just telling what all you have on your list to do. You need to box up some of your energy girl, and mail it to me. But it all sounds like so much fun. You are one busy lady. Have fun and glad you had a great weekend.


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