Sunday, July 31, 2011

A few more pictures celebrating....

 I wasn't permitted to sneak a peak at the cake....

 The dreaded singing of "Happy Birthday", I always found it to be embarrassing...

 I missed one:(

 This cake was absolutely beautiful...and tasted as fabulous as it looks...!

 Me and Kathy(BFF)

 I was queen for the moment:)

 Good Times...hand painted glass from Kathy

 Reading material from my good friend and cousin, Pam...

 Lavender Pillow..I have always wanted a lavender pillow and now I have one..!

Silicone cupcake baker from Pampered Chef...
I can't wait to try this out:))

Another great day with friends and family which ended with more good times..!!

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  1. Good morning K, You are so blessed to have great family and friends. Love the new book by Danielle Steele, she is one of my favorite authors. Will have to let me know if it is a good one, as most of her books are. Love the lavander pillow. And that cake looks yummy. You have a great day.


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