Sunday, July 10, 2011

Come out, come out where ever you are...

I misplaced my small digital camera,
you have to understand...
I NEVER lose anything..!

I have searched everywhere,
The camera was last seen Sunday a week ago at a party/cookout.
I remember leaving with my cell and camera in one hand...
I have my cell,
No camera:(

I only discovered it missing yesterday,
my weekend was very busy with activities I wanted
to diffidently take pics of...
And I dislike having to depended on others.

Today was my family reunion with many having
cameras trying to capture those perfect memories..

I will post and share more after I receive some
photos promised to come my way:))

Have a great week and enjoy this awesome summer, my friends..

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  1. Oh no, K. Sure hope it shows up soon. Now if I lost mine, it would be a blesssing. It's "primitive" so my daughter says. It seems to be falling apart. But still produces a decent picture. Hope you had a great weekend and renunion. Can't wait to see picutres. Happy Camera Hunting.


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