Sunday, July 17, 2011

50 and Accomplished....

Where is this summer going..!

I can't wrap my brain around the fact 
that we're already into the middle of July
and with that comes my Birthday...
This year is the "BIG" one..whew
I have been skipping around the fact
I'll be 50 this year...
But I can honestly say,
I'm now getting a bit excited to say...
Why, yes....I AM 50!!

50 And Accomplished..! 

I will be the first to admit,
my life the past 50 years have not for the most,  
been "bad" years..

Yes, I have had many disappoints,
and unexpected tragic events...
But with the bad also brought the Good!
To which with all of the above,
I have learned a great deal...
Learned what I wanted and learned what I did NOT want..!!

Sometimes in life you must figure out the "Not"
before you know the "Want"..

And I have been Blessed,
Blessed with a life of not having a "need"
The need to have it all and not be happy
with what I have...
My first 50 years have been rich,
In family, friends, career and experiences.

 I am looking forward to the next chapter,
turning the page and taking on the next 50!

On my actual birthday a small family dinner at
a restaurant I have been wanting to visit,
followed by a small gathering of friends and family
a week later...
I was planning to have the traditional party,
with all the bells and whistles..
But after having a busy summer since the
induction of this awesome time of year,
I have opted to keep it simple and enjoy this time
in a more private and quaint way...
There will still be enough partying and celebrating
to indicate it's a new chapter...!

 I have no doubt those who I've chosen
to surround myself with to help celebrate,
will not disappoint...!

Yes, 50 and Accomplished..!!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by, my friends!

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  1. Okay K, spill the beans. When is your birthday? Such a great post and from this post I can tell you are living a blessed and contented life. You are happy and pleased where you are at this time in your life. Is that not a great feeling? I will soon be 56 and turning 50 was not a life tragedy to me. I met the milestone with a thankful heart and excited about facing the next 50. I can now say No if I want and not have to give no excuse. And at 55 I now can get senior discounts at some places. Love it(ha) Have a great day. As busy as you've been this summer someone needs to throw you a bash!!


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