Friday, January 30, 2009

Transforming A Plain Old Jar...

Check out these cool labels for purchase from Natalie.

I recently found her labels on another Blogger's site and thought they looked pretty neat to dress up an old jar with the Prim Look.

Natalie had contacted me after I had shown an interest in her labels. She has offered to send me some of her labels for "Free" if I mentioned her on my blog. I posted a picture of her labels on my sidebar along with her site information, but I felt the labels are just too darn creative to not mention in my Blog.

I can't wait to see what Natalie sends me, she has several different sets and said the choice was mine, but I suggested she "Surprise" me!
After all.....

I'm A Lady who LOVES Surprises!!

Can't wait to see what she sends...


Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's All About The Pennsylvania Dutch Waffle....

Homemade Waffles with Chicken Gravy....
Does it get any better??

This recipe is a very OLD recipe...
When my parents married in the month of April 52 years ago,
My Mother wanted homemade Waffles and Ice Cream
at their outside reception.

My Aunt June provided her Mother's family recipe for waffles so
my Mother could have her "waffles" on her wedding day.

This is the only recipe for waffles my mother used throughout her cooking years and I have continued the tradition.

I love the waffles in the yearly summer months with homemade ice cream, freshly picked home grown strawberries and lots of whip cream topping made from fresh cream....

I had some chicken broth left from my Sunday Chicken Dinner, so I decided to mix up the waffle batter and make a chicken gravy for the topping.

There was no disappointment, from anyone...!

Recipe For Waffles

2 Eggs Separated
Beat whites until peak forms

Add the egg yokes to

6 Table sp of melted butter

2 Cups of flour
3 tsp of Baking Powder
1 tsp of Salt
1 1/4 Cups of Milk

Mix above ingredients

Fold in the egg whites

cook using a waffle iron..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baked Rice Pudding~The Best I have Ever Made.....

This past Sunday afternoon I was in the mood to bake something that would warm the tummy a bit.
I so love Warm Pudding after it has been cooked or baked.
I found myself seriously craving this treat after my Chicken Dinner I made.

I decided on Baked Rice Pudding....
This was a new recipe for me, I had not made rice pudding in a very long while, so I was inclined to try something new.

Recently a gal I have known from Junior High posted on Facebook she made a fresh dish of this sweet custard like pudding.

I asked if she would share her recipe and she so graciously did so..
With the busy Holidays over and giving baking a break, I decided it was time to warm up the oven, again.

So, Sunday was the day I was adding one more "thing" to my day's activities!!
Recipe For Baked Rice Pudding

2 cups milk
1/2 cup short-grain rice

In a heavy saucepan, bring 2 cups milk and uncooked rice to a boil. Reduce
heat. Cover and cook until rice is tender (about 15 minutes). Remove from
heat; stir in butter until melted.

1/4 cup butter

3 eggs, beaten
2 cups light cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla flavoring
1/2 tsp salt
In a mixing bowl, beat eggs; add cream,
sugar, vanilla, and salt. Mix well.
Gradually add rice mixture into egg mixture; stir until blended. Pour into a
10"X6" (or 9"X9") baking dish. Bake at 325* for 25 minutes. Stir well.
Sprinkle with ground nutmeg. Bake an additional 15-20 minutes or until knife in
center comes out clean.

Enjoy this Fabulous Dish, I sure did!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Yuck Just Keeps Coming...

It seems just as you get over one virus or infection, another comes around and hits ya smack down in the face!

We were hit hard with the respiratory infections before and after the Holidays.
Now it's time for the stomach virus....

I have had several friends become ill with this stomach virus, two actually were hospitalized with cardiac like symptoms. Thankfully both were diagnosed with a virus.

My son works in the public environment, so today was his "day" to put in his day only to come home and sleep the remainder of it away.

I hope the crud and yuck stays far away from you and yours...

I am Cloroxing the entire house and waiting for the snow to start!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Keep The Focus

Lots of things have been happening for me, all good!
I have been throwing around the idea for quite sometime to invest in property with the possibility venturing into owning a business.

The Realtor I have been working with phoned me two weeks to the day sharing a property had just been listed with the specifics I was looking for investment.

My husband and I immediately drove to the property to take a look around, it was so new on the market, no realtor sign was displayed. I tossed around the idea for a day or two and made the call for a showing. The home is a two unit apartment and was built in 1920 as a single home. The current owner lives in the first level apartment, renting the second floor. She is elderly and with much consideration, has decided to sell the property and move with her Daughter and Son In Law. Her late husband was a wood craftsman by trade and converted the home into a two unit after their daughter was grown.

I immediately feel in love with this home!!!
It is a very well maintained home with those high windows and deep window seals.
There are built in wood cabinets with glass doors through out which were built by the late Mr. Of the home...

The first floor lay out is perfect for the business I want to venture into and the second floor will remain a rental.

I wanted to write a check that very moment and submit an offer, but my husband being the more "sensible" one, suggested we talk with our bank and see what different opions we have. I felt good about this becoming a reality even more so when my husband started doing the "numbers" when we returned home and spoke as it this was "do able".

I made an appointment the next day with the bank we wanted to deal with. A meeting was set up for the very next day. After our meeting I REALLY felt good about this desire to become a reality!!!!

We signed all the necessary paper work for credit reports and such. We were told we should hear by tomorrow afternoon after I too fax some financial information.

I received the call around 12 noon the following day that every thing went through...!!
We then submitted our offer that very evening and within 24 hours we were notified the sellers had accepted our offer!
All this happened within 48 hours after meeting with our bank and submitting the proper paper work..

All those years of hard work, paying our bills on time, having a mortgage on our home we knew we could handle and keeping our payments low, hence being mortgage free. Not having on going and current debts, really has paid off for us during a time that so many are losing jobs and foreclosures on mortgages....

For those who are reading this and are just starting out, it is so important to keep your monthly debt at a level you can feel comfortable with, stay focused with your goals and see a light at the end of that tunnel...

I have done a lot of praying for direction and wisdom, God has blessed me in so many ways I am totally in awe of it all! I know I could not have done this on my own without God making this possible for me....

I will keep you posted on updates with this new adventure and journey with my life, I still have a lot of work a head of me to make my dreams and desires happen, but I am very confident they will!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Met My Daughter In Law

My husband and I decided to dine out for dinner on Saturday night at our favorite Japanese Restaurant and treated ourselves not only to a fabulous and healthy meal, but also because we had received a Gift Certificate to the Restaurant for Christmas which we had not used..

We took a chance arriving without reservations..
Our son has become very good friends with the owner of the restaurant, so when we arrived we were immediately received with a very warm welcome and that big "Japanese" smile, you know the one!

Since we had no reservations our wait time for the Hibachi Grill would be about 15 minutes, so we decided to walk to our son's place of employment, a short walk from the restaurant...

When we entered the store this very cute and charming young lady approached asking if she could help us. She was not familiar to me, but then I hardly ever enter inside the store. No reason to when your son works there, I get home delivery service and a discount. Can't beat that!

So when this, again cute and charming young lady approached, I asked to see Jeremy. She smiled that sweet smile as she informed me, "Oh, I'm sorry....Jeremy has left for the day" At which that time I said, "Oh, we are Jeremy's parents"..
she replies...
"You are way too pretty to be Jeremy's Mother!"

I think the look on my face must have spoken those "unspoken" words,
as she quickly stumbles with her words, mentioning something to the effect she is always joking around with him, and she was "going to marry him one day!!"

This was the first time in my LIFE I was totally speechless!
All these words hitting me in the face in a matter of 30 seconds...
Honestly, I know I attempted to speak. What I said is still a mystery to me.

I do remember turning to leave the store and as we did, this oh so charming lady called out...
"It was so nice to have met my future In laws"

Now if I could only remember her name..?!
I think it starts with a "C"

And the Text from my son several hours later read,
"How was dinner?"
Well, son...You got some explaining to do!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

One Step Forward....Two Steps Back!

As the new days begin and there is much Hope, Excitement and Optimism in the Air around us. I was quickly and oh so Humbly reminded that racism does still exist!

As I was driving home this morning from an appointment,
A very "Filthy" SUV was in front of me.

It was not only the excessive dirt that was very noticeable on the vehicle that caught my attention,
but the words that were written in the filth..!!

The letters KKK with the Swastika symbols on both sides were inscribed across the back window. And below that were hate words towards African Americans....much too hateful to repeat.

As I am driving down the highway, I'm thinking...
Go wash that "Filthy" machine!!!

It's very hard for me to understand why one would hate another because of the color of their skin, beliefs or gender. I guess it's hard for me to understand why anyone would hate at all..??!!

Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Too Pretty To Be A Boy.....

This picture was sent to me via mobile this morning from my Sister In Law in Texas. I thought I would share..

Keegan's Big Sissy, Shayna decided it would be "fun" to dress up her poor little defenseless brother..
This is the results of her Handiwork.

When I saw this picture, the words my Mother reiterated throughout her living years, were those from my Grandmother, referenced to Keegan's Daddy; my brother...
"He is too Pretty to be a boy"

This picture is for the scrapbook. The one you get out and show to the first girl friend..
And Aunt K has quite the collection!!

I think the words are
"Black Mail"

I Love It!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A "Simple" Reminder.....

Today most certainly was a day of very Historical signifigance...
As I found myself driving back from an appointment this morning, I realized I had some time before I met up with my friend, Sue for lunch and share the moment of President Obama's swearing in.
(That Sounds So Nice...President Obama!!)

I decided to take advantage of the time and stopped in at a small Hardware store close to the Tavern were I would be joining Sue. This store is in a rural area with many open fields surrounding it. As I approached the parking lot in search of a parking space, I noticed to the left of the lot there was a horse hitched. This is nothing new for this area due to the fact we have a large Amish Population...

But what was a little unique with this hitched horse, was the sled behind the horse and not the usual buggy.

I took a few moments to reflect on this imagine of a very simple life that still exists, and yet how much we as a nation have grown but, have allowed so much greed and selfish behavior to weaken a nation that has so much but yet so little..

The horse and sled gave me hope for our nation's future. I sat there thinking, the person who came to this little country store over the open fields in this open sled, has no cell phone, probably no electric or inside running water or plumbing in their very humble home and lives a very "simple" life in this world of high technology while more than less cities and towns are growing faster than most can maintain...
It reminded me on this day, that we as a nation can get back to the "simple" and happier days we once knew as Americans. To slow down and get back what we have lost, with the direction of our new leaders as they lead us on a path restoring the "Simple" and Priorities of Life...

Where Will You Be...

Photo by Yuonne Roberts

I will be watching the Inauguration Today at the
Franklin House in Schaefferstown, PA

My plans are to meet up with a dear friend, Sue and watch this Historical Day unfold while we have lunch and most definitely a toast to our new Leader..

Sue and I have been friends since Junior High School and she has her own little country home shop...,
Won't you take a moment to shop around.

So, Where will the day find you...??

Monday, January 19, 2009

Can You Feel It..!

Yes We Can...!!

Can you feel the excitement in the air..?
This is yet, one more blog mentioning the Inauguration on Tuesday.
How can I not mention what will be a very historical event taking place in America.

But not only is this a historical time we live in, it is also a time of
Hope, Optimism and A New.

A new time and chance to work towards bring this country back to what we as Americans have known it to be.

A Country of equal opportunity, compassion and working towards a common ground of bring those values and trust back that we as a nation have lost...

Join me, as Barack Obama takes the Oath of Our Next President of the United States on Tuesday, in saying a prayer
for our New Leaders, that they may have the Guidance and Wisdom needed to navigate this Country Back..

Yes We Can..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aunt K remembered...!!

I promised my Nephew, Seth I would send him some writing paper, envelopes and stamps so he can write letters to me.... He loves to write and tell stories.

Last weekend I found some neat writing paper, pens, stickers, envelopes and a tablet with a cool design on it which I am sure will be a winner!!
I just need to pick up some stamps and he's good to go.......
I have little doubt those pages will be filled with many words expressing his adventurous thoughts..

Of course, I could not send some goodies to Seth and not have anything in the package for his big Sissy, Shayna and little brother, Keegan. I found the red T-Shirt for Keegan for only $2.50 brand new. I thought with Valentine's Day just around the corner, I would go with the color red shirt and use white paint I had for the inscription of his name....I would have added some hearts, but I know his daddy (my brother) would not appreicate that little bit of extra "decorations".

His sissy, Shayna is getting a pair of shorts and a matching top I found for $3.00 each. I thought this little set would be nice for sleep wear, even though they were not a matching set I thought I did fairly good job coordinating the colors of the two Grays. I love the touch of Silver Stitching on the ties of the shorts. I think Shayna will like that "little" added touch, too!

This was one of my projects for this past week, not much to do or really prepare. But I think the kids will enjoy their "Goodies".
I think I'll add some homemade chocolate pretzels for each in the package...

Have a Great Sunday and Blessed Week....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pink Saturday...

Today is Pink Saturday.....

Since this is my first post with this theme, my Blog Header will be my Pink for this week.

For more blogs featuring Pink Saturday visit the site by clicking on the picture.

I LOVE the color PINK....!!!

Today is a very cold morning and will continue to stay well below freezing through out the day in Pennsylvania.
I'm not sure what all the day will bring for me....
Since 7 AM I baked a batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Two loads of Laundry, 3 Cups of Coffee and ate way too many of those Cookies I made....:((

If your in the area of the world that is feeling the bitter chills of January, stay Warm!

Have a Happy Saturday and Enjoy Your Weekend....

Friday, January 16, 2009

With Love, From Jane....

I received a very special gift this week..
A personally signed book from Jane Seymour..!!

Jane recently wrote a book Titled,
"Open Hearts"

If your familiar with Jane's Work over the years, she designed an Open Heart Necklace. Her wish is to make the "Open Heart" design a universal symbol of
Hope and Love..

The "open" part of the heart is about being receptive to your own voice, to your talents, and to your opportunities...

What great words and advice to live by...

I have been a member of Jane's Private DQ (Dr. Quinn)Fan Club for over two years....
I literally "stumbled" into membership with her club by mere chance.
Pam, one of the Gals who is an officer in the club found me via Martha Stewart's page. She read up on my Bio and invited me to be a part of Jane's Club. I have been blessed with so many new friendships being a part of this club. One of the awesome perks is, as a club member we are privy to Jane's newest projects, schedules and appearances way before the public.

I was one of few who had the chance to purchase her Open Heart Necklace last year before it was available to the public. This year her book was available to club members with a personal autograph before she starts the book signing circuit..

Jane is very much involved in her Club. She is consulted and the decisions that are made, come personally from her.

I am planning to attend the Expo in NYC next month with my "Bestest" Friend, Kathy were Jane will have her art work on display. Jane will be there and from what I understand, she is very sweet and outgoing with her club members and all those who come in contact with her.

If your a fan of Jane's, I highly recommend her new book. Splurg and purchase one for yourself and while your at it, pick one up for a "Bestest" Friend...
I Did!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Preserved Distinctive Destination....

Many of my readers have heard me speak and have read postings about my hometown, Lititz, PA. Well, once again my little quaint hometown is on the map!
The 2009 edition of the "National Trust For Historic Preservation" just released their list of:

Dozen Distinctive Destinations"

And Lititz was among the list!

I have such fond memories growing up in Lititz and my heart aches to be back there once again.

I will share one of my memories..

The picture posted, my first appartment after Nursing School was in that building upstairs.
My Grandfather was very good friends with, Mr. Ford, the owner of all those historic buildings for many, many years. When I was in search of an apartment, I phoned Mr. Ford and asked if I could stop by his home for a visit, I remember my visit that day being so warm and welcoming by Mr. Ford and his wife. We chatted for a long time about my early years riding my bike on the sidewalk that ran along his property, Clair's Grocery Store on the corner adjacent his home, people in the community and of course, my Grandfather who had since passed. During our conversation, I gradually got around to explaining my need for an apartment and should one of is rentals become available to please keep me in mind....
Mr. Ford was more than gracious with my desire to live in Lititz. as I anxiously wanted to start my life as a Young Adult with my newly earned profession.
Call it fate or God's work throwing a blessing my way, Mr. Ford had just received notice from one of his tenants he would be giving up his lease... Mr. Ford offered to show me the apartment that very day.
Being me, I wasted NO time...!!
Mr. Ford climbed,
( which was no easy task, he was very tall) into my old VW which by the way, faithfully got me through high school and nursing school.
Off we went to see my "New" apartment, I remember being so excited...

I immedately adored that apartment...!
It was one of three apartments, being the one in the far back of the building. My view from my sitting room over looked a nice yard with a parking lot in the rear that Mr. Ford just happened to also own. Yes, I had my very own private parking space up front!! The apartment was a Bi-Level, the bedrooms and bath were in the upper part as you walked inside, you desended a few old wooden wide steps down into the sitting area and small kictchen.. The real plus was, I had the ONLY apartment with a porch/balcony, which I could access directly from my apartment via a door from the hallway in the upper deck of the apartment... I had no reserves about renting this apartment before I knew the monthly rent, BUT the best part rent was $200.00 per month!!! A monthly rent at $200.00 a month was like unheard of even back in that day.... Henence, I left our visit being the new tenant at 24 East Main Street, Lititz!

This story gives you a small climpse into the strong bond and generousity of a small town community.
Mr. Ford was one of the sweetest people (and very much a business man) of this community; along with his lovely wife, where history has been well preserved!!

If your looking for a long weekend get away, may I suggest..
Lititz, PA

Here are a few links to attractions and B and B's in the area:
Venture Lititz
Strugis Pretzel House
Linden Hall School For Girls
Moravian Church
Wilbur Chocolate
B and B's in Lititz
Local Business and Shops

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Little Marshmallow On Top....

After making my Chicken Corn Noodle Soup for Dinner, which was a very fast and easy meal since I had the drippings from a Chicken I baked this past Sunday, Skinless Chicken Breast Cutlets in the freezer, homemade thin noodles in the pantry and two cans of crushed corn it was completed in 20 mins...
Brought the broth/drippings to a boil, added two cups of cold water and continued to boil, added the chicken and the rest of the ingredients and wha la....
Home Made Soup!

After finishing some paper work and reading my mail...
I'm sitting here thinking what could make this
Bitter Cold Night a little less...

Only one thing comes to mind...Home made hot chocolate.
My mother would whip this together on cold winter nights as a special treat. I remember it mostly after we had been outside shoveling the sidewalk one more time for the evening during a steady snow storm...

Mother always followed the recipe on the box of Hershey's cocoa, as I will too,

The final result is a taste of rich smooth warm chocolate..

I just love piling on the makes the chocolate taste oh so good!

I think I'll go raid the pantry and make me some...

Stay warm All....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Icicle Blue Jeans...

Tomorrow is the Day...
When the high temperature is only to reach 22 degrees...

Thinking about the cold day a head, I am planning to make a pot of chicken corn noodle soup. I baked a whole chicken on Sunday and saved the broth. I will use this to make my soup, which will be a delectable warm meal on such a cold day....

This anticipated cold day tomorrow, reminded me of the days of my youth and "wash" day.
I had to chuckle to myself thinking back when my Mother insisted on hanging the laundry outside no matter how cold or low that thermometer read..!!

You have never fully experienced a cold January Day in PA unless you were privileged to hang your freshly laundered clothing on the wash line.
You know the kind of frigid day when you can't feel your own fingers after 2 seconds of handling the cold wet clothing your Mother just insists on hanging outside because she says having that "Clean and Fresh" smell is so worth it...!!??

When the wind is blowing the wet articles into your face as your frozen fingers are trying to wrap around that clothes pin to clip those, now frozen solid and weighing 10 pounds more, Blue Jeans on to the line, as your mumbling every curse word you know under your breath, knowing if she hears you you'll wish for only frozen fingers and lips...!

And then the time of day has come when your told to retrieve the frozen clothing in an attempt to fold it. The Blue Jeans need to be draped over a chair to complete the drying process, if your lucky enough to manipulate them into a position they can somehow be draped over a chair...Your thoughts are to just lean them up against a wall somewhere in the corner of the room.
So much for wearing those "favorite" Blue Jeans to the Basket Ball Game that night!!

After the Clean, Fresh Smelling and thawed laundry is dry and put away, you have two days to pray for a miracle, A January heat wave before the next scheduled laundry day..!!

For those who have never lived through a bitter cold winter...
Thank God for such a Blessing!!

May I suggest you not forget to plug in your electric blanket...
Stay warm and toasty and bring your pets inside during these cold bitter days...

Monday, January 12, 2009


Click on Picture and follow the links for more pictures...

Today's Post is for the
iHeartFaces Contest
I captured this picture of my Youngest Nephew, Keegan in 2007 during one of my visits...
He is 6 Months in this photo

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Scientific Experiment

Click on picture for link to Sci Port

I felt like I was stepping back in a time machine...

During our recent family visit with my brother and his family,
My husband and I spent an afternoon with my Niece, Shayna and Nephew, Seth at the Sci Port Science Center in Shreveport, Louisiana.

My husband is a Science Nerd, but not in the sense of Socially inept as a Nerd is thought to be..
So when we were thinking about Fun things to do during our visit, this afternoon at the Science Center was high priority on the list for the....Guys in the group!

I however and I think I can speak for my Niece, would have rather been at a Mall or Salon, but just like the Female gender has to be kept happy so does the Male gender. So off to the Science Center we went.

Our first stop on the hour drive was lunch of course.

We stopped at a Crackle Barrel..
I am a very big fan of Crackle Barrel and search the highway boards for the first exit which will guide us to the
Popular Old County Store and Restaurant
For those of you have been to the Crackle Barrel, your familiar with the Peg game...
My niece and nephew found the game to be very challenging and of course competitive...

After lunch we soon arrived at the Center...
Science Museums were one of many family outings we have done in the past with our Son, Jeremy. So this was not a new adventure for my husband and I, which maybe would have been a good thing had it been. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of staff available to assist at the stations and how very unkept the center was as we made our way around the rotation of the stations and a must do visit to the snack bar for dipping dots...

The positive was, my niece and nephew appeared to be oblivious to the disarray of it all and enjoyed the Hands On in the World Of Science.
We did have a fun afternoon and experiencing the Science World through the eyes of our youth for the first time is well worth the trip!!
Uncle Bob sure did have a blast introducing and explaining the
"Science" of it all....
I however as you can see, opted to be the photographer..!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Coffee and Buns Await....

Today is the day to grab the blanket, keep the coffee brewing and indulge in the sweets of freshly baked cinnamon buns...!

The forecast here in Central Pa is for several inches of snow, when that all exactly is to arrive remains a mystery to us all.

The roads are very passable with only a very fine flurry. So we shall see what the day eventually brings.

I am hoping for the snow to hold off until later today, I have plans to meet with my Best and Dearest Friend, Kathy at her home today.

We have not seen each other since mid-December, so we have much to catch up on...

If your one who is in the line of this most recent snow storm, stay warm, safe and enjoy the beauty of it..!

Happy Week-End

Friday, January 9, 2009


Wertz Candy
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

What do you get when you combine two delectable ingredients of Chocolate and Peanut Butter....?? Peanut Butter Cups...!
And what is even better than just any plain old
peanut butter cup...?

A Homemade Peanut Butter Cup from Wertz's Candy...!!

Today I met a dear friend, Vickie I have know since Middle School Years...Yes, that's a very long time!! We have stayed connected over the course of the years and through jobs and family our friendship has maintained. Vickie recently lost her Father and she of course knows my family very well, ALL my Aunts and Uncles which most say make up half of our home town....! So today we shared memories of her family and mine, since we both recently lost a loved one, her Father and my Aunt....

We had a very relaxing lunch of only two hours at the Brickerville House (Earlier Blog)...Thank goodness we decided on a later time to meet and the lunch rush was over by the time our food was served.....

After our lunch we walked around a few shops and one of my favorites is the Candy Shop, Wertz's. Wertz's Candy actually originated in the County of Lebanon where I currently live. They have a small shop in the Court Yard at the Brickerville House and transport their fresh homemade candies from Lebanon County to the Shop in Brickerville, Lancaster County.

I have been so good at not over indulging in sweets, but I just had to get a few Peanut Butter Cups...And they are so Good.

I would share, but I'm not gonna.....Sorry

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pamper Me Pretty....

Today was All About ME!!!

After feeling like I was hit by a truck slamming into a brick wall for the past two days,
I dragged myself out of the house to my Manicure Appointment.
It was hard, but I was able to do it..!!

For those who know me personally,
My Manicures and Pedicures are a regular necessity in my Life!

I have over the years given up my regular appointments when "I" felt it was not justifiable spending the extra. Only to have my Husband and sometimes my Son, question why I am not going for my "scheduled" appointments....

So, I have come to the age and time in my life where I feel this is the one Vice I will not give up.
As long as God allows me to continue this Bi-Monthly Pampering for myself,
I am most certainly taking advantage of it...!!

And Ladies..I Highly Recommend It!!

The Picture above is my Nail Technician, Amanda.
Amanda has been my Technician for over a year, and I must say Amanda is one of the best Nail Techs I have ever had, with my experience having manicures for over 20 years I can say that. Although I have been fairly consistent as a client with Salons. A short time back I was becoming a bit dis-satisfied with the Salon I had been a regular customer with for over 10 years. It was a very hard decision to leave a Salon where many Friendships had been made along with lots of laughs and tears over the years...
However, my frustration level was at its peak and I was not leaving my manicure appointments feeling "good" about my service or the "lack" of professionalism I feel is necessary for any business....
So on one of my days of feeling I had had enough with my past Salon, I walked into the Salon where Amanda worked, spoke with her about the products and procedure they offered. In our casual conversation I quickly came to like and enjoyed talking with Amanda I scheduled an appointment and knew I had made the right choice. Amanda's professionalism, knowledge and technique is way above any expectations or reserves I had that first day I meet her.

Thank You Amanda for
Pampering Me Pretty!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Got An Asprin..?

I thought I would escape this horrid crud that seems to plague everyone this time of year...

But I have found myself once again fighting germs that have a way of getting inside of you no matter how hard you try to escape it.
I realize this is not the most exciting blog to read, but it's how I am feeling and I thought I would stress the importance of keeping yourself hydrated, drinking lots of fluids whether it is a hot or cold drink, take cold/flu medication as directed for at least 24 to 48 hours, monitor your temperature, stay warm and in doors, its wise to be in the same environment with a consistent room temperature which is the key to a faster recuperation and most importantly..
wash your hands, frequently!!

Stay Healthy...

Where's The Salsa.....!

I was given this Awesome Brio Bowl set for Christmas from my Sister In Law and Brother. While I was visiting their home last September, my Sister In Law, Trina had recently been to a "Southern Living At Home" Party and had purchased this Brio Bowl set for herself. It arrived during my visit and I voiced how much I really liked the Set. Much to my Surprise, they remembered how much I admired the Brio Set and presented me with one of my own..
What A Beautiful Gift....!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

King's Day

Today starts the beginning of the Mardi Gras Celebrations with
King's Day

Today up to Mardi Gras Day, the King Cakes will be made in full Force...
Click on the link below for more detailed information on the
King's Cake

Mardi Gras will be Officially Celebrated this year on
February 24th

You'll find the big day can fall on any Tuesday between February 3 and March 9.
Carnival celebration starts on January 6, (today) the Twelfth Night (feast of Epiphany); and picks up speed until Midnight on Mardi Gras, the day before Ash Wednesday.

Remember, If you find the Baby...
you must be the one to provide the cake next year!!!

Good Luck!

January...Bring It On!!

I know most people get very depressed and down after the Holiday Season. All the excitment and high energy of the season gets most fired up, and after the New Year arrives for some its a very big let down and time of feeling "Blah"...!!

I for one am very excited and look forward to the month of January after the New Year.
For me, it means warmer weather and high sunshine is just around the corner!!!

I can not tolerate the damp and dreary long days of late Fall and Winter. The dampness has a way of making my entire body feel like one big pin cushion..
. January days start the new seasons for the year and the days get longer with each new one.

As you prepare for your New Year, I hope you find some excitement in what the future months are to bring..
I know I will...

I say, Bring It On January..Spring is just around the Corner!!

Have a happy week and be safe

Monday, January 5, 2009

Enough Already!! But Oh So Yummy.....

I know the Holidays are over and most everyone is all baked out..


I just LOVE Oatmeal Cookies!

And add some chocolate to them...
OH MY..I'm in Heaven!

We baked some Oatmeal Cookies last week, my nephew wanting them..
He's a kid after my own heart.

I have found Betty Crocker Mixes to be one of the best packaged cookie mixes I have ever eaten.
I am not one to use a box mix, however I did try "Betty's" Peanut Butter Cookie Mix this Christmas and they were pretty darn good.

My Sister In Law and I were talking "Cookie" talk, and she mentioned she uses the Sugar Cookie Mix for a recipe she often makes, getting raves every time she makes it....

So when Seth mentioned he wanted Oatmeal Cookies, on one of our Many trips to Wally World, we found the
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.

Early the next morning, the Cookies were baked with most consumed in one day...most of them eaten before they cooled off from the baking pan!

Here is a bit of useful information for Cookie Doug

Cookie dough can be covered and refrigerated for up to 24 hours before baking. If it becomes too firm, let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes before using.

Cookie dough can be frozen in an airtight container for up to 9 months. Thaw just until soft enough to handle.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hidden Treasures......

I found this note hidden and tucked away in my luggage Saturday afternoon, after returning from my Aunt's Services....

I was so in need of a "pick me up" and this note from my Nephew, Seth was just the ticket!!

Seth is in first grade, he LOVES to read, write letters and tell stories...

His imagination is one that goes way beyond his years.

After reading Seth's Note, I placed it in a safe place and got busy with some unpacking, grocery list and some laundry, I later sat down to take a breather, reflecting on the day and feeling a bit sad that my time with my family went way too quickly and of course my Aunt, seeing family and acquaintances today I haven't seen in a very long time, trying to wrap my brain around it all, when my phone started to ring...
It was Seth....!!

He was wanting to know how soon I was coming again for a visit and reminding me his Birthday was in April and that would be a "Great" time to visit, again!!!
He has plans, very big plans for his birthday.
That imagination..... he left no stone unturned with detail as he shared with m
e what he has planned for his two parties.

Seth is just the sweetest and most thoughtful little guy, putting his best into whatever he may be doing at time.

Digging into the goodie bag Aunt K gave him when she arrived

Swinging "Seth's" way at the parkGiving his little brother, Keegan some Love

Acting Goofy with Aunt K on New Years Eve at Kobee's Japanese RestaurantWe went shopping for Birthday cards for Mimi...
His card he chose himself, brought tears..!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

June Rose...

As the year came to an end and the new began, I found myself reflecting once again for all I am very thankful for and my many blessings in life, those who have been a significant influence in my life and a major role model.
One person in particular who I have the most respect and admiration for is My Aunt,
June Rose
We lost my Aunt this past Tuesday...
It has been a very sad and yet in so many ways,
a very sweet ending to 2008...
June Rose was such an inspiration to me and those who truly knew her.
She was a Lady with a capital "L"
She was very small and petite in her physic,
but very strong and willful
Aunt June was my "second" Mother...
She took on the role of caring for me when I was very young at the age of 6 Months when my Mother became ill for a short time...
A bond was quickly formed between me, My Aunt and Uncle and their two older children,
one that has continued over the years...
I have so many great memories and stories from spending time at their home and special outings during the past years leading up to the very last time I spoke with my Aunt.
She had not been feeling well for quite some time, and was hospitalized the week of Christmas. I spent a part of Christmas Day at her bedside in the hospital. The time spent was a time of laughing and sharing. She was in very high spirits that day and I remember leaving feeling good about our visit and telling her I would see her after my trip to Texas...
God's plan was for that to be our last time together here on Earth, I received the call this past Tuesday she had passed.
With all the excitement and high energy of the holiday, my Aunt's passing was a gentle reminder of who is in control..
My family trip has been shortened of one day, flying back to PA today so I can attend my Aunt's Life Celebration on Saturday at her Church where she has been an active member longer than I am old...
The picture of June Rose was taken this past Spring on one of our shopping outings in search of a Hat for her. She desired a Straw Hat to wear when out in the sun..
And not just any Straw Hat, mind you..!!
She knew exactly what she wanted..
And found it!
After shopping we ate lunch at one of her favorite's..
The Olive Garden
So as this year ends and a new begins, so does life...
I have really pondered those thoughts the past few days.
I am extremely sad to lose my Aunt, but I am also so very
Thankful and Blessed to have had such a Fabulous Lady a part of my life

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