Friday, January 2, 2009

June Rose...

As the year came to an end and the new began, I found myself reflecting once again for all I am very thankful for and my many blessings in life, those who have been a significant influence in my life and a major role model.
One person in particular who I have the most respect and admiration for is My Aunt,
June Rose
We lost my Aunt this past Tuesday...
It has been a very sad and yet in so many ways,
a very sweet ending to 2008...
June Rose was such an inspiration to me and those who truly knew her.
She was a Lady with a capital "L"
She was very small and petite in her physic,
but very strong and willful
Aunt June was my "second" Mother...
She took on the role of caring for me when I was very young at the age of 6 Months when my Mother became ill for a short time...
A bond was quickly formed between me, My Aunt and Uncle and their two older children,
one that has continued over the years...
I have so many great memories and stories from spending time at their home and special outings during the past years leading up to the very last time I spoke with my Aunt.
She had not been feeling well for quite some time, and was hospitalized the week of Christmas. I spent a part of Christmas Day at her bedside in the hospital. The time spent was a time of laughing and sharing. She was in very high spirits that day and I remember leaving feeling good about our visit and telling her I would see her after my trip to Texas...
God's plan was for that to be our last time together here on Earth, I received the call this past Tuesday she had passed.
With all the excitement and high energy of the holiday, my Aunt's passing was a gentle reminder of who is in control..
My family trip has been shortened of one day, flying back to PA today so I can attend my Aunt's Life Celebration on Saturday at her Church where she has been an active member longer than I am old...
The picture of June Rose was taken this past Spring on one of our shopping outings in search of a Hat for her. She desired a Straw Hat to wear when out in the sun..
And not just any Straw Hat, mind you..!!
She knew exactly what she wanted..
And found it!
After shopping we ate lunch at one of her favorite's..
The Olive Garden
So as this year ends and a new begins, so does life...
I have really pondered those thoughts the past few days.
I am extremely sad to lose my Aunt, but I am also so very
Thankful and Blessed to have had such a Fabulous Lady a part of my life


  1. Waht a wonderful tribute to a dear brought her into our lives just now with this memorial of her.
    Bless you and her family.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. She sounds like a wonderful person and she will always live on with you in your heart until you can meet her again one day.
    I think she must have been lucky to have you in her life as well.
    You and your family are in my prayers.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds as though she left you with so many good memorieis. Big hugs

  4. Thanks Ladies for your kind words!!


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