Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's All About The Pennsylvania Dutch Waffle....

Homemade Waffles with Chicken Gravy....
Does it get any better??

This recipe is a very OLD recipe...
When my parents married in the month of April 52 years ago,
My Mother wanted homemade Waffles and Ice Cream
at their outside reception.

My Aunt June provided her Mother's family recipe for waffles so
my Mother could have her "waffles" on her wedding day.

This is the only recipe for waffles my mother used throughout her cooking years and I have continued the tradition.

I love the waffles in the yearly summer months with homemade ice cream, freshly picked home grown strawberries and lots of whip cream topping made from fresh cream....

I had some chicken broth left from my Sunday Chicken Dinner, so I decided to mix up the waffle batter and make a chicken gravy for the topping.

There was no disappointment, from anyone...!

Recipe For Waffles

2 Eggs Separated
Beat whites until peak forms

Add the egg yokes to

6 Table sp of melted butter

2 Cups of flour
3 tsp of Baking Powder
1 tsp of Salt
1 1/4 Cups of Milk

Mix above ingredients

Fold in the egg whites

cook using a waffle iron..

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  1. My sons love Waffles. Thanks for sharing yr recipe. I'll try them over the weekend.


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