Monday, January 26, 2009

Keep The Focus

Lots of things have been happening for me, all good!
I have been throwing around the idea for quite sometime to invest in property with the possibility venturing into owning a business.

The Realtor I have been working with phoned me two weeks to the day sharing a property had just been listed with the specifics I was looking for investment.

My husband and I immediately drove to the property to take a look around, it was so new on the market, no realtor sign was displayed. I tossed around the idea for a day or two and made the call for a showing. The home is a two unit apartment and was built in 1920 as a single home. The current owner lives in the first level apartment, renting the second floor. She is elderly and with much consideration, has decided to sell the property and move with her Daughter and Son In Law. Her late husband was a wood craftsman by trade and converted the home into a two unit after their daughter was grown.

I immediately feel in love with this home!!!
It is a very well maintained home with those high windows and deep window seals.
There are built in wood cabinets with glass doors through out which were built by the late Mr. Of the home...

The first floor lay out is perfect for the business I want to venture into and the second floor will remain a rental.

I wanted to write a check that very moment and submit an offer, but my husband being the more "sensible" one, suggested we talk with our bank and see what different opions we have. I felt good about this becoming a reality even more so when my husband started doing the "numbers" when we returned home and spoke as it this was "do able".

I made an appointment the next day with the bank we wanted to deal with. A meeting was set up for the very next day. After our meeting I REALLY felt good about this desire to become a reality!!!!

We signed all the necessary paper work for credit reports and such. We were told we should hear by tomorrow afternoon after I too fax some financial information.

I received the call around 12 noon the following day that every thing went through...!!
We then submitted our offer that very evening and within 24 hours we were notified the sellers had accepted our offer!
All this happened within 48 hours after meeting with our bank and submitting the proper paper work..

All those years of hard work, paying our bills on time, having a mortgage on our home we knew we could handle and keeping our payments low, hence being mortgage free. Not having on going and current debts, really has paid off for us during a time that so many are losing jobs and foreclosures on mortgages....

For those who are reading this and are just starting out, it is so important to keep your monthly debt at a level you can feel comfortable with, stay focused with your goals and see a light at the end of that tunnel...

I have done a lot of praying for direction and wisdom, God has blessed me in so many ways I am totally in awe of it all! I know I could not have done this on my own without God making this possible for me....

I will keep you posted on updates with this new adventure and journey with my life, I still have a lot of work a head of me to make my dreams and desires happen, but I am very confident they will!


  1. Well Holy Moly K, way to go....I'm so happy for you to see a dream realized.
    You also gave good advice.

  2. If only I had this advice 12 years ago ;-) I now know the truth of it the hard way! Congratulations K!!! I can't wait to hear more!

  3. Congratulations K! I really have a thing for older houses. Will you be remodeling too? Great blog!

  4. I will be doing some remolding, not much is needed. Some painting and pulling up carpet in one room....The property is so well maintained. And I want to keep the original charm and ambiance of it all! A real plus for what I want to do with it. I can't wait to share what I am doing, but I must wait until I have the OK to proceed with county zoning..Stay Tuned:))


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