Monday, January 19, 2009

Can You Feel It..!

Yes We Can...!!

Can you feel the excitement in the air..?
This is yet, one more blog mentioning the Inauguration on Tuesday.
How can I not mention what will be a very historical event taking place in America.

But not only is this a historical time we live in, it is also a time of
Hope, Optimism and A New.

A new time and chance to work towards bring this country back to what we as Americans have known it to be.

A Country of equal opportunity, compassion and working towards a common ground of bring those values and trust back that we as a nation have lost...

Join me, as Barack Obama takes the Oath of Our Next President of the United States on Tuesday, in saying a prayer
for our New Leaders, that they may have the Guidance and Wisdom needed to navigate this Country Back..

Yes We Can..

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  1. Good Morning, K ... I'm with you ... I plan on being glued to my TV early tomorrow morning watching all the fanfare of inauguration day and, hopefully, I can stay awake to catch some of the ball tomorrow night! It's a new day and beginning for this country and all of us who stood with Barack Obama are excited and filled with the hope of a new beginning. It is not going to be an easy situation for this man and his family but, God willing, he will make inroads that so many have failed to attempt or were too scared to even try! Hugs and have a super great day!!


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