Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Little Marshmallow On Top....

After making my Chicken Corn Noodle Soup for Dinner, which was a very fast and easy meal since I had the drippings from a Chicken I baked this past Sunday, Skinless Chicken Breast Cutlets in the freezer, homemade thin noodles in the pantry and two cans of crushed corn it was completed in 20 mins...
Brought the broth/drippings to a boil, added two cups of cold water and continued to boil, added the chicken and the rest of the ingredients and wha la....
Home Made Soup!

After finishing some paper work and reading my mail...
I'm sitting here thinking what could make this
Bitter Cold Night a little less...

Only one thing comes to mind...Home made hot chocolate.
My mother would whip this together on cold winter nights as a special treat. I remember it mostly after we had been outside shoveling the sidewalk one more time for the evening during a steady snow storm...

Mother always followed the recipe on the box of Hershey's cocoa, as I will too,

The final result is a taste of rich smooth warm chocolate..

I just love piling on the makes the chocolate taste oh so good!

I think I'll go raid the pantry and make me some...

Stay warm All....


  1. OMG, my nanny always made me the cocoa using the hersheys directions. I still make it to dip my toast into. One of my absolute favorite comfort foods.
    By the you know how to make corn pie? I got some at skh tonight and thought, this is so expensive, I should know how to make it myself. I love it.

  2. I am with you girlfriend! I even add about 1/4 cup evaporated milk and a milk chocolate hershey's bar in it as well! It makes it really creamy and chocolaty!

  3. Laurie: Toast is a Must with Hot Chocolate!! Did you get your corn pie recipe I sent..??

    Christine: evaporated milk and the hershey bar sounds heavenly..!!!

  4. LOL ... I learned to make the infamous chocolate syrup using Hershey's Cocoa in Home Ec. class so very long ago! And using half evaporated milk and water, cuts down on some of the calories but not the taste! Delish! Thanks for stopping by my blogspot and good luck on the knitting classes! And, thanks, too for your compliments on my crocheting abilities! It's a great way to be creative, that's for sure! Also, and I apologize for this, it's not "wah la" it's "voila" ... French for "Eureka" I think! LOL Have a great day ... Hugs ... Marcia

  5. Marcia..thanks for your nice comment and visiting my blog. Sorry, but "wha la" is a term I have used as a child....must be a Pa Dutch thingy LOL..we have many!! It can be found listed in WiKiAnswers..

  6. Nothing like a good cup of hot chocolate on a cold day. :-)

  7. Hi K ... no kidding, "wha la" is a for-real term! Thanks for that info! My Mother's side of the family is PA Dutch, my Dad's all German. Growing up in IL, never even heard "voila" let alone "wha la." LOL Hugs!!!

  8. Marcia...I think "wha la" was created with the PA Dutch in the fact they couldn't pronounce their "V's"....All V's sound like "W's"....


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