Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Icicle Blue Jeans...

Tomorrow is the Day...
When the high temperature is only to reach 22 degrees...

Thinking about the cold day a head, I am planning to make a pot of chicken corn noodle soup. I baked a whole chicken on Sunday and saved the broth. I will use this to make my soup, which will be a delectable warm meal on such a cold day....

This anticipated cold day tomorrow, reminded me of the days of my youth and "wash" day.
I had to chuckle to myself thinking back when my Mother insisted on hanging the laundry outside no matter how cold or low that thermometer read..!!

You have never fully experienced a cold January Day in PA unless you were privileged to hang your freshly laundered clothing on the wash line.
You know the kind of frigid day when you can't feel your own fingers after 2 seconds of handling the cold wet clothing your Mother just insists on hanging outside because she says having that "Clean and Fresh" smell is so worth it...!!??

When the wind is blowing the wet articles into your face as your frozen fingers are trying to wrap around that clothes pin to clip those, now frozen solid and weighing 10 pounds more, Blue Jeans on to the line, as your mumbling every curse word you know under your breath, knowing if she hears you you'll wish for only frozen fingers and lips...!

And then the time of day has come when your told to retrieve the frozen clothing in an attempt to fold it. The Blue Jeans need to be draped over a chair to complete the drying process, if your lucky enough to manipulate them into a position they can somehow be draped over a chair...Your thoughts are to just lean them up against a wall somewhere in the corner of the room.
So much for wearing those "favorite" Blue Jeans to the Basket Ball Game that night!!

After the Clean, Fresh Smelling and thawed laundry is dry and put away, you have two days to pray for a miracle, A January heat wave before the next scheduled laundry day..!!

For those who have never lived through a bitter cold winter...
Thank God for such a Blessing!!

May I suggest you not forget to plug in your electric blanket...
Stay warm and toasty and bring your pets inside during these cold bitter days...


  1. OMGosh K I forgot all about hanging our clothes out - when we were young at home we had to do that. No elec. clothes dryers then...at least not in the early years when I was young...and I remember bringing the clothes in and the house looked like the laundry fairy exploded. Every place there was to lay an article of clothing to thaw out was used. But do you remember how fresh that smell was when all the clothes were in there! I can still smell it.

    Thanks for the memories!

  2. Gosh those are pretty stiff looking...never had to experience this before living in the deep south...I would like to get snow though just once in awhile. Stay warm...soup sounds yummy for a cold day like that.

    Glad you came by my place and look forward to getting to know you...have not had time to go back through your blog but I will soon...I love looking at others blogs and all they have talked about...hope you try the swap...they are pretty fun and you get some neat things.

  3. Yes, I remember those days in N. Illinois growing up! My Mom did laundry for other people and she did the hanging up outside and my sister and I did a lot of the ironing of those clothes. Everything frozen stiff as a board! Sometimes she would hang everything on clotheslines strung upstairs where us kids slept. You always knew when the laundry was upstairs 'cause you could smell the freshness when you walked in the front door! I always loved that smell! It' a good memory!


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