Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where Will You Be...

Photo by Yuonne Roberts

I will be watching the Inauguration Today at the
Franklin House in Schaefferstown, PA

My plans are to meet up with a dear friend, Sue and watch this Historical Day unfold while we have lunch and most definitely a toast to our new Leader..

Sue and I have been friends since Junior High School and she has her own little country home shop...,
Won't you take a moment to shop around.

So, Where will the day find you...??

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  1. Have fun with your friend today, fun memories for the two of you for sure... No TV in our home today...way to much to do and need to get caught up. Hugs and take care...I have time in my mind for a lot of prayers for our leaders and this great country though. God Bless America, and Blessings on you =O)


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