Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Met My Daughter In Law

My husband and I decided to dine out for dinner on Saturday night at our favorite Japanese Restaurant and treated ourselves not only to a fabulous and healthy meal, but also because we had received a Gift Certificate to the Restaurant for Christmas which we had not used..

We took a chance arriving without reservations..
Our son has become very good friends with the owner of the restaurant, so when we arrived we were immediately received with a very warm welcome and that big "Japanese" smile, you know the one!

Since we had no reservations our wait time for the Hibachi Grill would be about 15 minutes, so we decided to walk to our son's place of employment, a short walk from the restaurant...

When we entered the store this very cute and charming young lady approached asking if she could help us. She was not familiar to me, but then I hardly ever enter inside the store. No reason to when your son works there, I get home delivery service and a discount. Can't beat that!

So when this, again cute and charming young lady approached, I asked to see Jeremy. She smiled that sweet smile as she informed me, "Oh, I'm sorry....Jeremy has left for the day" At which that time I said, "Oh, we are Jeremy's parents"..
she replies...
"You are way too pretty to be Jeremy's Mother!"

I think the look on my face must have spoken those "unspoken" words,
as she quickly stumbles with her words, mentioning something to the effect she is always joking around with him, and she was "going to marry him one day!!"

This was the first time in my LIFE I was totally speechless!
All these words hitting me in the face in a matter of 30 seconds...
Honestly, I know I attempted to speak. What I said is still a mystery to me.

I do remember turning to leave the store and as we did, this oh so charming lady called out...
"It was so nice to have met my future In laws"

Now if I could only remember her name..?!
I think it starts with a "C"

And the Text from my son several hours later read,
"How was dinner?"
Well, son...You got some explaining to do!!


  1. YOU were speechless? LOLOLOLOL. Good story...can't wait to hear Jere's explanation.

  2. Laurie: I knew the "speechless" part of the story would make those laugh who personally know me...!!!

    Jere's take on it all...."She's just a Dizzy Blond"...Not the nicest of words, but no argument here..LOL

  3. Oh how funn....I love that one!
    Can't wait for an update. LOL



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