Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Got An Asprin..?

I thought I would escape this horrid crud that seems to plague everyone this time of year...

But I have found myself once again fighting germs that have a way of getting inside of you no matter how hard you try to escape it.
I realize this is not the most exciting blog to read, but it's how I am feeling and I thought I would stress the importance of keeping yourself hydrated, drinking lots of fluids whether it is a hot or cold drink, take cold/flu medication as directed for at least 24 to 48 hours, monitor your temperature, stay warm and in doors, its wise to be in the same environment with a consistent room temperature which is the key to a faster recuperation and most importantly..
wash your hands, frequently!!

Stay Healthy...


  1. Did I thank you for stopping by my blog? The one with the pumpkin orange afghan? Well, if not "thank you!" It's always a surprise to me to see someone left a comment. I'm really sorry to read you're down with the "crud" ... I've been lucky and not had that ... I've had enough stuff going on in December that I didn't need that, too! LOL I find the apple flavored TheraFlu works wonders for the crud. Plus Walmart's brand of flu tabs and if you are hacking and coughing - 12 hour Mucinex is great! Definitely drink lots of water, hot tea or even a hot toddy will work! Take care of yourself! Hugs ... Ms. Marcia

  2. Good advice anytime. I sure hope that you are feeling better soon. Thanks for coming over and leaving such nice advice. I hope that you will come back on another day when I am more myself. I am usually more fun to be please come back soon.♥


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