Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A "Simple" Reminder.....

Today most certainly was a day of very Historical signifigance...
As I found myself driving back from an appointment this morning, I realized I had some time before I met up with my friend, Sue for lunch and share the moment of President Obama's swearing in.
(That Sounds So Nice...President Obama!!)

I decided to take advantage of the time and stopped in at a small Hardware store close to the Tavern were I would be joining Sue. This store is in a rural area with many open fields surrounding it. As I approached the parking lot in search of a parking space, I noticed to the left of the lot there was a horse hitched. This is nothing new for this area due to the fact we have a large Amish Population...

But what was a little unique with this hitched horse, was the sled behind the horse and not the usual buggy.

I took a few moments to reflect on this imagine of a very simple life that still exists, and yet how much we as a nation have grown but, have allowed so much greed and selfish behavior to weaken a nation that has so much but yet so little..

The horse and sled gave me hope for our nation's future. I sat there thinking, the person who came to this little country store over the open fields in this open sled, has no cell phone, probably no electric or inside running water or plumbing in their very humble home and lives a very "simple" life in this world of high technology while more than less cities and towns are growing faster than most can maintain...
It reminded me on this day, that we as a nation can get back to the "simple" and happier days we once knew as Americans. To slow down and get back what we have lost, with the direction of our new leaders as they lead us on a path restoring the "Simple" and Priorities of Life...


  1. Good morning, K ... thanks for stopping by my blog. The eye doc said scar tissue can develop on the retina for no reason. But I've had laser retina repair [June 17th] and then the vitrectomy [going inside the eyeball to clean out a filmy floater and blood from a burst blood vessel], so either of those two could be the cause of the scar tissue. More then likely it was the vitrectomy since it was just done on Dec. 3rd.

    You are so right about trying to get back to a simpler way of life, but with all the knowledge, technology and all the advancements we've made, going too far back would be impossible for the entire country. However, the current situation is forcing everyone to take stock of what they have, how they do things and to definitely change their spending habits. So, whether anyone likes it or not, living a simpler life is pretty much a "do it or else" situation! I will sit back and enjoy the slower pace and more frugal living! God Bless you and relish the day He has given you!! Hugs!!

  2. I love this photo. My husband and I have slowed down alot now that our children are grown and now live a pretty simple life. However, I have electricity, phone (no cell phone), running water and many other modern conveniences usually found in today's homes (exception-no dishwasher). As I am getting older I am finding that a simple life that includes the love of God, my family and my friends is what I really need and I need less of the technological things cluttering up my life. Thank you for sharing the photo and the post.



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