Friday, January 16, 2009

With Love, From Jane....

I received a very special gift this week..
A personally signed book from Jane Seymour..!!

Jane recently wrote a book Titled,
"Open Hearts"

If your familiar with Jane's Work over the years, she designed an Open Heart Necklace. Her wish is to make the "Open Heart" design a universal symbol of
Hope and Love..

The "open" part of the heart is about being receptive to your own voice, to your talents, and to your opportunities...

What great words and advice to live by...

I have been a member of Jane's Private DQ (Dr. Quinn)Fan Club for over two years....
I literally "stumbled" into membership with her club by mere chance.
Pam, one of the Gals who is an officer in the club found me via Martha Stewart's page. She read up on my Bio and invited me to be a part of Jane's Club. I have been blessed with so many new friendships being a part of this club. One of the awesome perks is, as a club member we are privy to Jane's newest projects, schedules and appearances way before the public.

I was one of few who had the chance to purchase her Open Heart Necklace last year before it was available to the public. This year her book was available to club members with a personal autograph before she starts the book signing circuit..

Jane is very much involved in her Club. She is consulted and the decisions that are made, come personally from her.

I am planning to attend the Expo in NYC next month with my "Bestest" Friend, Kathy were Jane will have her art work on display. Jane will be there and from what I understand, she is very sweet and outgoing with her club members and all those who come in contact with her.

If your a fan of Jane's, I highly recommend her new book. Splurg and purchase one for yourself and while your at it, pick one up for a "Bestest" Friend...
I Did!!

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  1. Oh how wonderful K....what a special gift to receive.


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