Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here we are near the end of January...
I honestly can not wait for the next 8 weeks to be over and done with!  I am so tired of the cold and nasty weather and the frigid temperatures here in PA.
My poor body just can't take the freezing cold. 

Fortunately, I've been kept busy.  There is always something I can find in need of attention.  Today was a "Meals On Wheels" day.  It was bitter cold when you were outside, but the sun was so bright and warm coming in through the car windows, I actually had to put my window down a bit with the outside temperature of 9 degrees.  After we finished with our MOW route, we headed over to the heart of Amish Country in Lancaster.  There is an Amish Business I have been wanting to visit that makes homemade Chicken, Sausage and Beef Pies.  I must say, it really was in the back part of the Amish Country....
I  purchased 5 of the 6" Chicken Pies.  The 6" will be just the perfect size for one when we have those days of needing something in a pinch or I am not cooking. 
The business is called "Zook Chicken Pot Pies"
If the smell from the outside is any indication of the taste, those pies will be a winner for me!
Since we were at that end of the county, I planned to stop by and visit with my 90 year old uncle who has recently transferred to a Personal Care Facility at the eastern side of the county.  First we had lunch at the Lancaster Brewing Company in Lancaster.  The building is the original building of the Lancaster Tobacco Company.  Much of the interior is original to when the building was built. 
After lunch we headed over to my Uncle.  The Facility he is at is not far from the restaurant.  I was proud of myself remembering my way around those little streets and Alleys of Lancaster. 
I had promised to bring my uncle some homemade chicken pot pie.  Not the pies made of chicken, but the real deal of rolled dough noodles.  I make my pot pie the way I was taught from my mother and how my mother was taught from her mother.  When I shared with my uncle during a last visit that I was making some, his face lit up and said 'that sounds good' I promised he would get some.
The adjustment for my uncle has been a slow process.  He has periods of confusion which causes him to forget where he is and sometimes who one is.  
Today was a day of him missing his wife and feeling lonely.  After telling stories of when I was young with a few tears and many laughs, he seemed to be in a better mind set when we left.  Even though this is the area I have much experience in, its still very difficult seeing a loved one having to go through those changes that make no sense to them or you. 
On a happier note....I'm hosting an Adult PJ Party next weekend.  This is something we have talked about doing and now it's gonna happen!  A night of wine, food, chick flicks and NO MEN!  There will be 5 total in attendance.  My family room will be turned into one big bedroom of  a pull-out sleeper bed, an air mattress and cot if needed.  Those attending will each bring a covered dish.  I'm providing Cocktail and Coconut Shrimp, some adult beverages and breakfast of a Quiche, Fresh Fruit, Moravian Sugar Cake, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. 
Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  We all are looking forward to this 'girl' time!

That's all I have for now....I hope where ever your little corner is, your warm and cozy.  Until next time, be safe and have fun!

Much love and thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The New Year has been rung in..! What a fun Holiday it was.  I have finally learned the less you stress and really enjoy the moment, the time is truly one to be cherished and thankful for. The past several years my gift to those close to me has been the 'gift of time'.  I am so blessed with loving and supportive people around me and in my life, and realize the true meaning of honest relationships with friends and family. 
Contentment is not always a welcome or easily found, I like to think I have found it!

Christmas was fun...and also the days leading up to the big day and those that followed.
New Years Eve was spent at my Nephew's new home with family and friends.  The evening was very much enjoyed with good food and company.
Starting out the New Year, I cooked the traditional 'good luck' meal of Pork and Kraut on the 1st.

So for 2014, the New Year is full of many possibilities and plans of a full year of enjoyment.

 Wishing you All, my friends... A Blessed and Enjoyable 2014...!

Happy New Year,


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