Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm doing something I have NEVER done before...
I'm entering a baking contest!

I am entering "My" Chocolate Cake made with
Hershey's Cocoa....
The official rules are,
You must make a cake by scratch with Hershey's Cocoa..
The Icing can be with or without Hershey's Cocoa,
I will be making my Peanut Butter Icing to top
off "my" Hershey's Chocolate Cake...

This contest will be a "stepping out" for me,
I have not shared this recipe with anyone except with my 
sister in law in Texas...
And she swears her cake does not taste as good as mine:/

I spoke with the chairman of the contest for all the official rules,
of course I want to follow the rules to the "T" so
there is no mix up and get disqualified...

That's all I am going to share for now,
I will share how I place after the contest...
No date will be disclosed when the contest is,
I dont want to jinx it...:)
but I promise to report back how well I do and if I place...

Keep your fingers crossed....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

So much has been circulating today about Hurricane Irene...
I am happy to report no one in my immediate family or great group
of friends, experienced any major damage or flooding.
Power outage was reported by almost everyone,
but was restored within a relatively short period of time...

My Aunt and Uncle who have retired to Myrtle Beach,
evacuated to Monroe, NC where their two son's now live
with their families, both are teachers within the Monroe School District..
One being a Elementary Teacher and the other has his
Masters in Special Education...
I think it's so awesome how both my cousins after
college relocated to NC to teach,
the very same state their parents had long planned to retire to...
Even though it was necessary for my Aunt and Uncle
to make the trip to Monroe due to the Hurricane,
they were very excited to make the trip because,
A new addition to their family arrived a few weeks ago,
A new Grandson..
We just found out another Baby Boy
will be blessing this family soon...
So, Grandma and Grandpa have much to celebrate and spoil like only Grand-parents can!!
And believe me, they do not disappoint in the "spoiling" department..!
I know I am very much looking forward to seeing the pics of the new babies
and watching them grow within this very nurturing, loving and proud family..!!
Have a great week, my friends...
Much Love,

Friday, August 26, 2011

Her Name Is Irene....

This picture means only one of two...
A major snow storm or a hurricane!

On this particular day,
A major hurricane is coming towards the East Coast,
and her name is Irene..
What a way to end the summer...!

If you live along the East Coast,
Stock up, Hunker down and Stay safe..!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer time fun....

Below are a few pictures from the Journey Concert in Hershey, PA
My son took these with his Droid before it became too dark...

 Before the show started

 The opening band was NightRanger...
they were very good!
Second band was Foreigner....
O my gosh, the original guys in this band are so Old looking..

No pictures from my All time favorite Band,

Journey was good this year, but not as good as I have seen in years past.
Certainly was Good Times, tho!
And the weather was perfect for an outside concert..!

We sat near a gal I had worked indirectly with several years ago,
when we both worked as floor nurses
at the local hospital in our area.
It was fun chatting with her and catching up when we could
between the bands...

Have a good Wednesday and rest of the week..


Monday, August 15, 2011

I can't believe it's starting to feel like Fall:(
As much as I do love the Fall Season,
I totally dislike the fact Winter is approaching...
I feel like I haven't gotten all my "summer" in 
and here it is coming to an end. 
We have a few weeks of out door events
planned well into the Fall, 
to which I will hold on tightly to savor the season...

My afternoon to day was spent with my long time
good friend, Vickie....
Vic has vacation this week and we set up
a lunch date several weeks ago  and 
I got a chance to see her New home she recently
moved into, which is absolutely Gorgeous..
Vic's home is one of the very popular
"all on one floor" town home with a 2 car garage...
I wish I would have gotten some pics,
the style and spacious room is prefect for 
our middle age going into retirement.
I am so ready to down size..!!

After lunch I received a very sweet unexpected gift...
My son has surprised me with Tickets to see Journey.
Journey has been my all time favorite Band/Group,
and for the past 6 years or so,
they have been a part of the Summer Venue at
Hershey Park Stadium..
I've seen Journey 3 times in Hershey,
Tomorrow will be Number 4:))
On the Foodie front..
I've been collecting several new recipes 
I am anxious to make...
I'll keep you posted with my reviews 
and post the recipe after the verdicts are in...
Have a fun week getting those last summer events scheduled....
Stay safe and thanks for stopping by...


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yes, these are my feet!
Aren't they pretty:)
I am learning to do more of this and enjoying it..!

OK, to a certain point I'm enjoying this:)
Life has a way of making you slow down a bit,
and I have certainly been witness to that lately.
My mission per say lately has been encouraging 
women my age and younger the importance of having
yearly physicals with pertinent blood work...
I am amazed at how many middle aged women/mothers 
and men/fathers
do not take the time to take care of themselves.

My question to them is....
Who will take care of  your family/children
should something happen to you that could have been prevented?

In today's society we owe it to ourselves
and our family to be responsible and have those 
yearly check ups....
Preventive medicine can find a health issue and/or 
concern long before it becomes a long term condition or illness...
And pampering yourself is not a bad thing, either:)
Hope your enjoying these last few weeks of summer..
I can not believe we are in August already!!!

Be safe my friends and make each day a good one...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beautiful Bride

Kala...waiting to marry her best friend

My cousin Patti sent me this pic today of her daughter, Kala.
Kala and her then future husband married in the Bahama's on Friday.
 Kala's mother and her brother Aaron walked her down
the "beach aisle" with a few of their close friends in attendance..

This September will be a large reception for the very happy and newly married couple.

I will be sure to share more pictures after the reception,
but I thought I would share this picture for now,
Kala is so beautiful...which made me smile and shed a tear...

The day Kala's mother was married I was honored to be a part
of the wedding party...
The day I married, 
Kala was just a baby and I still remember her sitting so quietly during
the ceremony followed by all the fun and loud activities..

Looking at Kala in this picture my thoughts are with my Aunt,
Kala's Grand-Mother, who would be so proud of this beautiful
young woman...

Have a great week, my friends!

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