Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm doing something I have NEVER done before...
I'm entering a baking contest!

I am entering "My" Chocolate Cake made with
Hershey's Cocoa....
The official rules are,
You must make a cake by scratch with Hershey's Cocoa..
The Icing can be with or without Hershey's Cocoa,
I will be making my Peanut Butter Icing to top
off "my" Hershey's Chocolate Cake...

This contest will be a "stepping out" for me,
I have not shared this recipe with anyone except with my 
sister in law in Texas...
And she swears her cake does not taste as good as mine:/

I spoke with the chairman of the contest for all the official rules,
of course I want to follow the rules to the "T" so
there is no mix up and get disqualified...

That's all I am going to share for now,
I will share how I place after the contest...
No date will be disclosed when the contest is,
I dont want to jinx it...:)
but I promise to report back how well I do and if I place...

Keep your fingers crossed....

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  1. Good early morning K. Wow that cake sounds wonderful. Peanut butter and chocolate, how can the judges not love it. Will keep my fingers crossed for you. Have a great day.


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