Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beautiful Bride

Kala...waiting to marry her best friend

My cousin Patti sent me this pic today of her daughter, Kala.
Kala and her then future husband married in the Bahama's on Friday.
 Kala's mother and her brother Aaron walked her down
the "beach aisle" with a few of their close friends in attendance..

This September will be a large reception for the very happy and newly married couple.

I will be sure to share more pictures after the reception,
but I thought I would share this picture for now,
Kala is so beautiful...which made me smile and shed a tear...

The day Kala's mother was married I was honored to be a part
of the wedding party...
The day I married, 
Kala was just a baby and I still remember her sitting so quietly during
the ceremony followed by all the fun and loud activities..

Looking at Kala in this picture my thoughts are with my Aunt,
Kala's Grand-Mother, who would be so proud of this beautiful
young woman...

Have a great week, my friends!

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  1. Hi K, A beautiful bride for sure. So romantic being married in the Bahama's.. Bet it was a beautiful ceremony. Can't wait to see pic. of the reception. Hopefully the weather will be tad bit cooler by them. Thanks for sharing and you have a great week.


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