Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer time fun....

Below are a few pictures from the Journey Concert in Hershey, PA
My son took these with his Droid before it became too dark...

 Before the show started

 The opening band was NightRanger...
they were very good!
Second band was Foreigner....
O my gosh, the original guys in this band are so Old looking..

No pictures from my All time favorite Band,

Journey was good this year, but not as good as I have seen in years past.
Certainly was Good Times, tho!
And the weather was perfect for an outside concert..!

We sat near a gal I had worked indirectly with several years ago,
when we both worked as floor nurses
at the local hospital in our area.
It was fun chatting with her and catching up when we could
between the bands...

Have a good Wednesday and rest of the week..


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  1. Good early morning K. Glad to hear you enjoyed the concert. A great picture of you!!Nice that the weather was great and that you got to reconnect with a friend. You have a great day.


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