Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas With Sam

Christmas continued at our home today with a visit from Little Sam..
Sam is four months old and the son of my son's very dear friends, Melanie and Lyle.  They recently moved back to their hometown from Pittsburgh where Melanie attended Chatham College For Women in Pittsburgh for her graduate degree.  We were so excited for their visit since "I" haven't seen Sam since he was born.  My son is "Uncle Jere" to Sam and Sam is just in awe of Jere when he holds him...its so darn cute.  

Here are a few pictures from today's visit with Sam and his gift Uncle Jere got for him.
It's a play station that is age appropriate now for Sam that quickly snaps into a walker the child stands behind and pushes, it helps the child to take steps with stability.  Sam will be able to use it as a walker in not too long.  He is so inquisitive...I love watching him interact.

Up right position

Folded flat

 Look at that face...this was a big winner!

 We had a fun time with Sam and his parents..!  After the gifts and a few bottles and cereal, Sam's daddy and uncle Jere went for some pizza for us grown ups.  I'm so proud of this Young Family, it's not easy having a small child and working towards your Graduate Degree.  They have shown it can be done by working together and keeping the focus.  
I for one am very happy they are back in the area, now I can see more of Little Sam:)

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, I can't believe how fast the Holidays came and went and I'll be busy preparing food for tomorrow night's festivities with family and friends. If your heading out, please be careful and have fun!

Thanks for stopping by and a very blessed and happy new year..!


Friday, December 28, 2012

Snowman Hats

This picture makes my heart sing...
Three Little Elves happy to receive the Goodies I sent along with their Gma for them.

 Below is a clear picture of the Snowman Hat treats

You take a large Marshmallow, Oreo Cookie and Coating Chocolate.
Melt your chocolate, add a dollop of chocolate on top of the cookie and place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate.  Let the chocolate set so the marshmallow is sitting firmly on top.  Holding the marshmallow, dip the cookie only into the melted chocolate and place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  Let the chocolate set.  After the chocolate is set on the cookie, hold the chocolate coated cookies up side down and dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate and place back on cookie sheet for chocolate to set.   I then used canned green icing for the decorations and placed a Red M&M in the center of the green decoration.  You can use whatever you desire for the decorating.  Also, I placed the Hat in the refrigerator between chocolate coatings and after the Hat was decorated.  This allows the Hat to set well and stay fresh.  

This fun treat can be made any time during the Winter Season,
It's fun and easy and even more fun to eat! 

Happy New Year


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Here is the last of the baking for the season..!
My dear family friend asked me to bake some festive cupcakes for her and her daughter's birthdays that are both on Christmas Day...How special is that!!?
Tomorrow is a Holiday Lunch with my very dear friend and  her husband. The giving of Time is what I have learned to be the most important gift you can give and receive.  I am so fortunate and blessed to have wonderful and caring true friends. Whether it's time given in person or chatting on the phone.  Later in the day tomorrow we will attend Christmas Eve Services with an invite to a family gathering after the services.  Christmas will be very relaxed this year, a large ham with all the fixins will be prepared.  There are a few movies showing I would like to attend.  That may be on the agenda for later in the day.  Whatever we decide to do, it will be time well spent..!
Have A Wonderful Christmas Eve and Day...!
Enjoy your time together

Friday, December 21, 2012

Well here it is the last weekend before Christmas and the Jolly Old Man comes to visit...
 With so much sadness in the world, it's hard for the Spirit Of The Season to fill your heart and soul with Joy.  At times I feel guilty when I have that moment of a Joyous feeling of the Season, because I'm quickly reminded of all the Sad Events on a personal level and worldly that have come to be this past year.......Faith has really been tested for me on a very personal level this past year, but I know in my heart God is always in control and we must let him handle it all!  
So with the Holiday Season in full swing, 
Won't you join me on a Christmas Tour of my Hometown of Lititz, PA!  All decorated for the Season....

 We'll start at the town square where you'll find the Nativity, which is owned by the Moravian Church.  Lititz was founded by Members of the Moravian Church in 1756. For a century only Moravian's were allowed to live in Lititz.

 Now we'll take a walk down Main Street....
Here you find the Spirit of the Season in every store front

 This next picture is of the side entrance into the Moravian Church.  To the left of the photo is the Court Yard of the Moravian Church along Main Street.  The buildings in the far end, (behind the white pillar) is Linden Hall, the Oldest Girl's School in America.

 Now we are heading North of the Town Square, this building is the Tomato Pie Cafe'.
A very old and original building in Lititz.

This next photo was taken in 1945 after World War II.  Lititz celebrated the end of the War and the local Heroes who served by placing illuminated wooden stars on all the lamp posts on Main and Broad Streets.  The very same wooden stars shine brightly to this day..!

I hope you enjoyed this little Christmas Tour of my Hometown....
I never get tired of driving through town looking at all the beautiful lights and decorations!

Santa below, of "Our" own....
I was lucky enough to capture a photo of him waving to me as I drove through town a few years past. You will find him at this very spot in front of the train station at the park every Christmas Season in "My" hometown. 

 Merry Christmas and a very Blessed New Year my Friends!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Focus People....Focus!

One of our family traditions was always getting a picture taken in front of the Christmas Tree.  This was done for many years since my son was born.  A tradition I carried over from my childhood.  Since my son is now in his mid 20's, the picture does not always get taken every year.  The recent years the picture was taken, the photo shot was not always in front of our Christmas Tree.  Why you ask??  I do not always decorate a tree at Christmas time:(....Last year I purchased a Northern Pine Tree and added a few decorations, it served it's purpose:)  I'm sure the day I become a grandmother all the tree fixins will find their way out of the many containers where they are safe and neatly packed away.  Until then, I keep it very simple...this year the Family Christmas Photo was taken at a local Greenery where they have some Christmas Photo Op Displayes.  In the past the displays were much nicer, not sure if they have a new person creating them or lack of personnel.  The price tags were showing on all the items displayed and the displays themselves were cramped with not much room for a nice photo and/or the back ground area of the store which was not decorated could be seen.  It's a shame these "little" things are not taken into consideration,  because they would really benefit sales with the customer traffic.  After we somewhat rearranged the display...*snicker*
we did manage a few good shots.  Here are a few that DID NOT make the cut in the final decision for our Family Christmas Card.....

This picture cracks me up.....I thought my son was directly behind us!
And I must say, that is the Ugliest Reindeer I have ever seen..!! I know, beggars can't be choosey..!
The gal who took the pics and my son were having way too much fun with the camera taking pictures of each other.  I deleted those pics, I wish now I would have saved them to share so you know what all I was up against....never a dull moment!  

Here is the picture I chose for our Christmas Card
The guys insisted that darn Reindeer be in the picture.  They don't know it yet, but I was able to crop it out of the picture a bit for the card...hahaaaaha

Have a great week, friends!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

POOPED....Holiday Style

What a fun day was had by all baking and laughing....these times with good friends are just priceless!

Here are a few pictures from today's fun

Both my cameras were as dead as a door knob, so we had to use our cell phones. 

Some of our baked goodies....
Kathy getting her chocolate chip dough onto the baking pans

Me dividing up goodies
Two of my Besties, Kathy and Linda

 We finished off two bottles of wine, a large pot of chili and many cookie samples...

I love my Besties..!

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