Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Edible Gifts......

I recently received an Edible Arrangement
as a Gift....

This was my first experience with Edible Arrangements,
I like to try something that's new to the market first 
or have a very good referral from a reputable source,
before giving as a gift, especially if the item is 
in any form of food...

I guess per say,
I want to be the critic and if it meets my
standards for giving to someone as a gift with my name attached...

The verdict on
Edible Arrangements....

Two Thumbs Up..!!!!

I was very pleased with the amount of fruit carefully
tucked and displayed in a small container...
The fruit was very fresh and reasonable in portion size,
with the crisp freshness lasting until the last piece was eaten...

The chocolate used for those pieces coated with 
Chocolate was of a good quality and the coating thickness
of the chocolate was dense, covering most of the
fruit if not completely...

 This arrangement shown is comparable to the size I received,
my strawberries were chocolate covered, tho...
And they were delicious..!!

I can now add
Edible Arrangements to my list for
Gift Giving..!

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  1. You were truly loved by the giver because those arrangements are so expensive. I love the beauty they can create from fruit. They have some wonderful things. Thanks for telling us that it was good as well. I have wondered about that. Have a good evening


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