Thursday, April 14, 2011

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

 I am a fan of Chicken...
All White meat, of course.

Here is a recipe  from Mennonite Girls Can Cook,
a Food Blog Favorite of mine.
I'm sure to be making this dish in
the very near future...!

Three Simple Steps and Ingredients....
Chicken cooked in a crock pot,
add some Salsa of your choice
and a can or fresh creamed corn.....

The different meals you can make from this recipe,
are endless..!
 For the complete recipe,
click on link below to
"Mennonite Girls Can Cook"..

Tomorrow I will be working on 
creating my Son's Birthday Ice Cream Cake...
So stay tuned:))

Have a great weekend...!


  1. Hi K. Love ANYTHING I can use my slow cooker for. I HATE to prepare meals, but love to make sweets. On Monday, I cooked all day so that the main part of my meals were done this week. Tonight was our night out as Mr. P. had a supper meeting a church. Daughter, granddaughter and myself had mexican brought in since Holly's hubby went with Mr. P. Was a fun no cook night. Can't wait to see the cake you make for your son. Take plenty of pictures. Have a great evening.

  2. I love chicken. Like your recipe. Thanks for sharing.
    -slow cookers


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