Friday, October 29, 2010

Too many miles between...

I received this little note today from my 8yo Nephew in TX...
Although I love all my nieces and nephews,
there is just this little "special" bond with "my buddy named Seth"..
(This is what I say to him when I first see him after a long absence)

Seth is the sweetest and most caring little guy...
O....Don't get me wrong, this boy is ALL Boy!
Loves his sports, especially baseball..
He is one good little catcher in Little League!
And he can certainly hold his own against his Big Sister, Shayna...
I am witness to that..!!

However, when it comes to his "heart and soul"
Seth is exactly all that!

Nothing gets passed this guy...
and so full of questions...I LOVE IT!
Maybe this is why he has that "special" hold on my heart...
He's not afraid to ask and loves Everyone!

He has reminded me on several occasions to stop and enjoy the moment..!

Aunt Kathy Loves You, Seth!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Patch

In preparation for my Open House with my Business...
I am busy searching and creating Autumn Decor.

This quick and easy pumpkin cost me approximately $5.00 to create.....
Michaels Crafts is having 60% off their entire line of Fall/Autumn Items.

I also started a project to display my cupcakes I'll be serving the day of my 
Open House...
A small hint....the project does include pumpkins

I will be sure to post some pics when the final creation is complete!



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

7UP Biscuits

Check Out These yummmo Biscuits posted by Blogger "plainchicken"

Only Three ingredients....WOW I am going to make these, for sure!! This biscuit recipe will go fantastic with Chili or a Steaming Hot Bowl of Homemade Soup...!!

7UP Biscuits | Plain Chicken

Monday, October 11, 2010

30 Years Young....

This past weekend was my 30th class reunion...
Warwick High School
Class of 1980

I can not believe it's been 30 years since we last sat and walked the halls of Warwick High...

Friday night meet up

The weekend long activities started Friday evening at a local establishment,
with a meet up for all those who could attend.
This very informal gathering was a great way to reconnect and for those to stop by
who were unable to attend the Dinner Reunion on Saturday...
Saturday's big event was at the The Barn,
Which is located on the grounds of Overlook Golf Club and Community Campus...
The venue was Outstanding..!
I think we overstayed our visit there by an hour or so....

Then it was off to another local establishment for some more
reconnecting and hanging out...
I really enjoyed meeting up with so many classmates I haven't seen since graduation,
Even though I have only missed two reunions in 30 years,
you don't always get a chance to chat with everyone...

My buddy Kris...we grew up around the corner from each other

Me and my girls...So many good times we shared!!

After dinner gathering at a local establishment..

The final meet up was Sunday Morning at Starbucks for a few of us,
we planned to meet around 11, I think the last one showed up at 12 noon...
This reunion truly was a good time had by all...

This picture below tells the story..!
We laughed til we cried sharing stories from our school days.....
(I apologize for the poor lighting)

Cindy, Me and Sharon..Cindy and Sharon are Twin Sisters and our Class Valedictorians, who also lived across the street from me....

Cindy and I...We were/are best friends throughout school and were joined at the hip..!!

Another great Reunion...!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Show me the Lemon and Sugar....

Today was one of the most beautiful Fall days EVER,
here in PA..

We spent the day meandering around Lancaster County...
Shopping at one of my favorite stores,
Stauffer's Of Kissel Hill in Lititz..
This weekend and next,
Stauffer's is having their annual 

We literally ate our way around the store
tasting all the "free" stuff available,
as I picked up my 
grocery items I like from this particular store.
After picking and choosing,
I grabbed a few bags of the prepared ice Stauffer's has available for free,
for my items that needed to be kept cold.
I packed the food with the ice into my cooler and forward to the next destination...

I was still on a mission,
wanting to savor every day light hour on this awesome day..

Having been a huge fan of Crepes most of...ALL
my life..
I knew exactly where the next stop would be..

I have been wanting to check out Rachel's for way too long,
and with the overly hot summer we just experienced here in PA,
Rachel's was put on hold...

Today there were no excuses...

The front of the cafe along the sidewalk,
has small black tables and chairs
with table service for customers who enjoy the business of the city...
That would be ME..!!
I am a people watcher and enjoy meeting and chatting with new people..
you just never know who you may be talking to ...?!!!

I tried the Lemon and White Sugar Crepe
along with freshly brewed unsweetened ice tea...
I was not disappointed in either..!!!

The Crepe had the right amount of lemon with butter and sugar,
all melted and warm inside the crepe...
If I would have been at home or tucked away in a corner somewhere,
I would have licked the inside of the wax paper the crepe came in....
Yes, it was that darn good...!!!  
Lemon and Sugar Crepe
I know I will be going back to Rachel's...
Good thing its not just around the corner,
like my favorite coffee shop is,
which makes my very own Mocha Latte Every morning for me,..
But that's another blog post..!

Fruit Smoothies at Rachel's Cafe and Creperie

Enjoy this wonderful Autumn,
and be safe..!!

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