Friday, October 29, 2010

Too many miles between...

I received this little note today from my 8yo Nephew in TX...
Although I love all my nieces and nephews,
there is just this little "special" bond with "my buddy named Seth"..
(This is what I say to him when I first see him after a long absence)

Seth is the sweetest and most caring little guy...
O....Don't get me wrong, this boy is ALL Boy!
Loves his sports, especially baseball..
He is one good little catcher in Little League!
And he can certainly hold his own against his Big Sister, Shayna...
I am witness to that..!!

However, when it comes to his "heart and soul"
Seth is exactly all that!

Nothing gets passed this guy...
and so full of questions...I LOVE IT!
Maybe this is why he has that "special" hold on my heart...
He's not afraid to ask and loves Everyone!

He has reminded me on several occasions to stop and enjoy the moment..!

Aunt Kathy Loves You, Seth!!

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