Monday, November 1, 2010

Fresh Hot Italian...


Where did the Fall go....?!!  

The temperatures here in PA certainly do reflect the fact November 
some how snuck up behind us..

As much as I enjoy my spring/summer time cook outs and grillin,
I also love spending time in the kitchen...

Today is Sausage day...

WE have on the Menu today..
Fresh Sausage...Italian Sausage....Hot Sausage

And let me share with you...
It smells heavenly!

I purchased the different types of sausage at a local farm market.
The main two reasons I prefer a local market is the quality and quantity..

If I had purchased the sausage at the local grocery store,
it would be prepackage in an amount way too much for my needs..
and I am always very leary on the shelf date when it comes to Pork.

First, I cut the sausages into smaller pieces and placed in
the stewing pot with some olive oil...
You can also add your own favorite seasonings to the meat at this time.

I let the sausage pieces cook on Medium heat for about 15 mins..
Then added some Chopped Green Peppers,
Red Sweet Peppers and Onions..

This cooked for about an hour, giving it a stir on occassion
on Medium heat...

After the sausage, peppers and onions had cooked and simmered in their
own juices, I added some Marinara Sauce...

Gently stirring while I incorporating all the ingredients together.. 
Replaced the lid, lowered the temperature to Med-Low
and walked away...

This will simmer for about two hours,
giving it a gentle stir every 30 mins or so...

So easy and Ooooo..So Good!

This dish can be served alone, on a bun, your favorite bread
 or on top of your favorite pasta...

Happy Monday and Enjoy Your Week..!

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