Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HOPE......"Angels In My Hand"

 Karl Miller was a guest speaker at my Church this past Sunday,
Karl has been giving his Angels Of Hope to locals for over
20 years.  Karl was inspired to give back after losing his Mother and his own Personal Struggles...
Listed below is the Link to Karl Miller's Site sharing his 
Message Of HOPE through Angels he handcrafts with Tin Can Lids..
His story is one to be admired with so much Inspiration..!!
Karl takes every opportunity to reach out to those God has placed in his presence and
who are struggling with their own personal difficulties...
Karl carries a bag filled with his Angels Of Hope with him, 
which are neatly tucked inside a white square box adorned with a beautiful Red Bow..
He waits for the right "opportunity" to give his gift and message,
with the receiver most times trusting and sharing their own story....

I was so touched and moved with Karl's tenderness and understanding of Others...
His willingness to reach out and hearing the stories of those who, God Placed Karl
in their lives at the right moment of time..!

No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed..!!

Karl's book he has written about his many personal experiences when giving his Angel Of Hope
Link below will show you a pictorial on how Karl Makes his Angel Of Hope

If you Want to inspire others or you need a little pick me up,
read Karl's book...

Be safe as you do your Holiday Shopping...

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  1. I like this...I am going to look him up..wonder if I can get his book on my kindle? I will check. Hugs and happy Holiday wishes to you!


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